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Understanding The Ways For Increased Organic Traffic For Multi-Branch Healthcare Institutions

December 29, 2023Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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With the USA’s healthcare industry expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 10% between 2021 and 2026 and demand for the healthcare sector rising massively post-COVID-19, many healthcare practices have expanded their reach by opening multiple branches in the same city and state.

It helps to reach a broader target audience and serve more patients. However, it becomes challenging to manage Digital Marketing and SEO for their multiple branches efficiently.

Many healthcare practices shut down their new branch in a shorter duration because of not getting the desired online reach. If you are facing similar challenges, this blog is for you.

In this article, we will walk you through efficacious ways to increase organic traffic for your multi-branch healthcare institution.

Importance of SEO

Let us first brief you about the significance of the integral aspect of healthcare digital marketing – SEO. It is a potent tool and a magical wand for healthcare practices to get into SERPs’ front row (top).

The secret to SEO success lies in optimizing the website around local online searches to not only boost its visibility in local SERP rankings but also reach the right target audience seeking related services in your locality.

It helps to spread brand awareness, foster long-term relationships with patients, and rank relevant keywords of your practice for search engines’ straightforward crawlability.

The organic traffic generated from SEO results in excellent conversion rates for healthcare practices and potential appointment conversions.

The Role of SEO in Increasing Organic Traffic for Multi-Branch Healthcare Institutions

Managing Multiple branches can be simplified by hiring experienced and skilled human resources. However, it is paramount to spread your healthcare branches’ online presence in local areas to reach potential patients seeking healthcare services.

With nearly 80% of users searching online on their smartphones before deciding, the role of SEO becomes pivotal in making your site content and services rank higher in SERPs.

It is a cost-effective tool to generate organic traffic from desired localities by incorporating location-specific keywords in your website content and landing pages to ensure their visibility and higher ranking when users search for them.

Moreover, SEO ensures your content contains primarily searched keywords and is formulated around user search intent to earn intended organic traffic for multiple branches.

Tips For Increasing Organic Traffic For Multi-Branch For Healthcare Institutions

In this section, we will share proven tips from industry experts and SEO specialists for increasing Organic Traffic for Multi-Branch Healthcare Institutions.

Optimizing Google My Business (GMB)

The foremost way is to claim and optimize GMB listing for every branch. After that, enter accurate details, such as NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Numbers), business hours, service offerings, photos, and website and social media handle URLs.

Ensure that you respond to reviews and update the latest photos to keep patients engaged and make your profile look authentic in search engines and users’ eyes.

Mobile Optimization

As mentioned above, nearly 80% of users look up healthcare practices on their smartphones. Hence, it is vital to optimize your website for mobile users by making it user-friendly, faster loading pages, and responsive. It leads to increased visibility and higher rankings in SERPs.

Note:Google favors healthcare websites that are mobile-friendly.

Another potent tip to earn organic traffic is generating backlinks from authoritative third-party websites. Google and other search engines give ranking preference to websites with backlinks from reputable sites.

Hence, cultivate backlinks from reliable sites by investing in link-building services to foster your site’s credibility in search engines’ eyes.

Creating Quality Localized Content

Content is the heart of the SEO. If your content is valuable and relevant, enabling users to derive meaning, it will attain amplified rankings.

Hence, opt for a content marketing service or hire a content writer to craft compelling content around particular locations containing educational information, healthcare tips, and answering the most asked questions.

Ensure the content resonates with the local community and addresses their specific concerns to showcase a personalized approach. It will instill trust in readers and build confidence in search engines’ eyes that your site content is an authentic source of information.

Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Another cost-effective way to increase organic traffic is paying attention to every patient review and rating, especially negative ones. It is advisable to appreciate positive reviews and address negative feedback to augment patient experience.

Responding to lower ratings demonstrates your eagerness to fix unpleasant experiences/issues. Doing this for all your healthcare institutions branches exhibits that you care about every patient.

Higher ratings and more number of positive reviews lead to higher rankings in SERPs. It influences patients’ decisions and turns them into conversions.

Technical SEO Optimization

It is critical to optimize technical SEO factors for increased organic traffic. The best practice is regularly performing a website audit to assess its performance.

And accordingly implement technical aspects for website optimization, such as updating XML sitemap for search crawlability, improving site page speed, mobile-friendliness, finding and fixing duplicate content, and SEO-friendly site structure. It helps Google index your site and its contents for higher rankings in SERPs.

Integrating Social Media

Lastly, ensure that correct URLs are placed for your social media platforms in every branch GMB profile as users assess them for decision-making.

Also, keep your social media handles updated by posting informative content, responding to comments, and keeping videos of live Q&A sessions. It will positively impact search engine rankings.

Apart from the tips above, utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to regularly monitor your website content keywords performance, track user behavior, and gain insights from data-driven reports.

Make sure to fine-tune your Social Media Marketing for healthcare and SEO strategy based on analysis outcomes to maximize ROI.


After reading the blog, you will be well-versed in the importance and role of SEO for increasing organic traffic for Multi-Branch Healthcare Institutions. Also, you will be acquainted with the tips to bolster organic traffic.

Ensure investing in developing rich, intriguing, and informative content in the form of blogs, articles, guest posts, FAQs, infographics, short videos, classifieds, answering Quora questions, and social media posts.

These are the best forms to gain desired organic traffic for specific locations and are ideal for multi-branch healthcare institutions. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Also, if you are looking for healthcare digital marketing services, look into our Digital Marketing Services. As the best digital marketing agency for healthcare practices, we provide result-oriented SEO services to ensure clients get intended organic traffic and higher rankings in SERPs.

Contact us at for our SEO packages and a free trial.


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