The ExpressionEngine Gala 2019

The ExpressionEngine Gala ‘2019

October 23, 2019
ExpressionEngine ConferenceProfessional Networking

The ExpressionEngine Conference 2019, a vibrant two-day event, took place at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, USA, from October 2 to 4. This community-driven conference was a wellspring of knowledge, bringing together members of the ExpressionEngine community for a series of enlightening workshops. Over these 72 hours, each workshop offered a unique agenda focused on fostering the exchange of ideas and expertise among speakers and attendees, attracting a diverse group from various ethnic and professional backgrounds.

The vitality of any community is fueled by the dynamic efforts of its volunteers, and it’s essential to maintain this unity to showcase its strength and efficiency to the world. Similarly, the ExpressionEngine community is on a growth trajectory, yet to reach its full potential. As dedicated volunteers, we are tasked with gathering all necessary resources, both tangible and intangible, to amplify the growth of this esteemed community.

Kandarp Bhatt, CEO

Among the esteemed attendees was Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb. Mr. Bhatt was a key speaker at the event, where he offered valuable insights into the transition from freelancing to establishing one’s own agency. He stressed the importance of maintaining a dynamic mindset over a static one for entrepreneurial success. He confidently stated that ExpressionEngine could serve as a crucial support in the journey from freelancing to launching an independent agency.

Mr. Bhatt, a passionate technocrat, deeply values the transformative power of technology. He expressed his appreciation for the well-executed and organized sessions at the conference. “The ExpressionEngine Conference was an essential event for community members. Missing out on it was a missed opportunity. I encourage more individuals to engage in this community and share their knowledge in a fun and informative way,” said Mr. Bhatt.

Mr. Kandarp Bhatt's Key Insights At ExpressionEngine 2019

Mr. Kandarp Bhatt’s Key Insights At ExpressionEngine 2019

He also teased some intriguing news about a potential collaboration in 2020, hinting at exciting prospects. “Post-conference, we mingled and discussed various innovative opportunities. It’s fair to say that these discussions have led to the initiation of something thrilling for 2020,” he revealed.

Reflecting on the overall experience, he added, “I extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the conference organizers for orchestrating such a magnificent event and providing top-notch facilities.”

From this perspective, the ExpressionEngine Conference clearly stood out as a crucible of knowledge and learning, peppered with opportunities for networking and enjoyment. Thus, it’s apt to describe this event as ‘The ExpressionEngine Gala 2019,’ a fitting title for a gathering so rich in information and camaraderie.

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