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ZealousWeb Is Over The Moon To Unveil The Smart Channel Forms Add-On

July 02, 2023
ExpressionEngine Add-OnsProduct Update

ZealousWeb Technologies, a dynamic digital agency known for its creative prowess, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Smart Channel Forms add-on. Tailored for ExpressionEngine, this add-on revolutionizes form creation by allowing users to easily generate various forms, such as contact forms, without the need for complex HTML coding. This user-friendly add-on supports all native channel fields and several third-party fields, making it a versatile tool for website development. Compatible with both EE5 and EE6, it efficiently stores all form data within the ExpressionEngine channel.

Our team, especially the ExpressionEngine developers, are ecstatic about this release. We’ve consistently developed innovative add-ons that offer extensive benefits to users, and this new addition is no exception. Our commitment to enhancing our product range is unwavering, and we are proud to meet our high standards with each release.

Keyur Dave, COO
The Moon To Unveil

The Smart Channel Forms Add-On Pioneering Simplicity

The Moon To Unveil

Transforming Complexity into Simplicity with Smart Channel Forms

The Moon To Unveil

Mastering Simplicity: Smart Channel Forms

The Smart Channel Forms add-on stands out for its simplicity, requiring just one tag with the form ID to display channel fields on the front end. It offers users the flexibility to set dynamic titles and url_titles from custom fields and provides the option to quickly enable or disable forms. This add-on is an excellent solution for increasing your website’s functionality, allowing for effortless form setting with a simple template tag.

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ZealousWeb Joins WordCamp Asia 2024

ZealousWeb Joins WordCamp Asia 2024: Connect with Us for Advanced WordPress Expertise!

February 12, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce ZealousWeb’s participation in WordCamp Asia 2024, happening from March 7-9, 2024, in Taipei, Taiwan. As a passionate member of the WordPress community, we’re committed to continuous learning, collaboration, and empowering others to harness the full potential of this powerful platform.

While we won’t have a booth at the event, we’d love to connect with you during networking sessions, pre- and post-event gatherings, or by scheduling a meeting during the event hours. Our team of experts, including Co-Founder & CFO, Business Development Manager, and Project Manager, is eager to:

  • Share our knowledge: We specialize in Advanced WordPress Development, focusing on areas like Gutenberg, WordPress Headless Development, WordPress VIP, and WordPress SEO. We’re passionate about sharing our expertise and helping others navigate the ever-evolving WordPress landscape.
  • Collaborate with the community: We believe in the power of collaboration and fostering connections within the WordPress community. We’re excited to meet fellow enthusiasts, developers, and agencies, and explore potential partnerships and collaborations.
  • Learn from the best: We’re committed to continuous learning and improvement. Attending WordCamp Asia allows us to learn from industry leaders, discover cutting-edge trends, and stay ahead of the curve in the WordPress ecosystem.
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