Ahmedabad, India – (31 October, 2022)– GITEX Global – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition – is one of the most awaited tech event worldwide that underpins tech-driven investments, digital transformation, and projects to shape economies in the Middle East, Asia & Africa.

GITEX 2022 was a four-day long event, from the 10th to 14th of October 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Center, seizing the title of the largest-ever edition of GITEX – to date. It featured 5000 companies that exhibited products & services to portray the efficient use of transformative technology in various industries like Healthcare, Finance, Architecture, etc. Spanning 26 halls and over 2 million square feet of exhibition space, GITEX surpassed its previous editions in area, speaker sessions, exhibits, and networking.

In its 42nd year and the post-pandemic world, GITEX has presented the most powerful technology event that emanates inspiration and hope for a tech-first world. GITEX 2022 portrayed exhaustive exhibits and symposiums about Metaverse, Sustainable Digital Economy, Tech-innovation in various industries to maximize cognitive resource utilization, Tech in Sports, Lifestyle, and more.

Team ZealousWeb jumped at the opportunity of attending GITEX 2022 with the sole purpose of Solving The Unsolved. Our team went there as attendees to scale the maximum benefits of being in the crowd, networking, and understanding common industry problems to expedite Digital Transformation. With the IT landscape growing at the speed of light, resource scalability can be a challenge in the foreseeable future. For this, most companies have adopted the Team Augmentation model that ZealousWeb warmly embraces. Our approach to the problem of resource scalability, which was, in turn, hampering Digital Transformation, was to provide Team Augmentation with a team – that has over 19 years of experience in solving the unsolved by channeling their inner creator.

We have worked with 500+ healthcare clients, helping them create a powerful online presence through website creation & maintenance, digital marketing, and creating a custom platform for appointment booking and tracking. We could identify problems for major health tech companies and provide them with relevant solutions.

Our approach was simple – we visited the stalls at the exhibition, in awe of how technology was paving the future and got a chance to interact with a few exhibitors. During our interaction, we focused on the pain points that they may be facing and how Kandarp Bhatt, Founder & CEO ZealousWeb, and Akshay Shah, Business Development Manager @ ZealousWeb represented the company during the 4-day long event.

“GITEX 2022 is considered as the largest yet GITEX event with over 5000 companies exhibiting. Post-pandemic, this is a great sign that suggests that it didn’t bring us down but just allowed us enough time to ideate and create. 4-days passed by too quickly for us since there were so many things going on around the trade center. Between attending lectures about what’s new in the tech space and visiting the exhibits – it was rather difficult for us to keep track of time. In a nutshell, the 4 days at GITEX were very enlightening for us as a team.” Akshay Shah, Business Development Manager @ ZealousWeb.

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