Ahmedabad, India – (October 23, 2019) – A two-day, community-powered ExpressionEngine conference, held at the Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis, USA, from 2nd to 4th October, was nothing short of a perpetual flow of knowledge and information. The ExpressionEngine Conference 2019 unified members of that community via various workshops held during these 72-hours. Each workshop had an exclusive agenda and aimed at maximum sharing of knowledge among the speakers and the attendees. It hosted partakers from varied ethnicities and professional backgrounds.

Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb,  was one among the list of the dignitaries who graced the dais with their knowledge. He shared his insights on freelancing and the next step towards creating your agency. In his talk, he emphasized that having a dynamic mindset rather than static is an imperative quality of an entrepreneur. He firmly stated that ExpressionEngine could be the wind beneath your initial flight from freelancing to creating an agency of your own.

Mr. Bhatt is an ardent technocrat and believes in the transformational prowess of technology. “I enjoyed the timely conducted and well-organized session thoroughly. It was the ultimate conference for everyone within the ExpressionEngine community. It is certainly a missed opportunity for those who couldn’t be a part of this. I would urge more and more people to join this league and spread knowledge in an enjoyable style.” said Mr. Bhatt.

He went on to give us some exciting news about a possible collab in 2020 that may raise speculation, he said “After the symposium, we would fraternize with everyone there and would discuss new and exciting opportunities. It would be safe to say that, upon discussion, a few of us have started working on something exciting to greet 2020 with a blast.” 

Being in awe of the experience, he added, “I would heartily thank and congratulate the organizers of the conference for pulling off such a grand symposium and provide us with the best amenities.” 

“Every community lives on the dynamic actions of its volunteers. It becomes imperative to hold it together for the world to acknowledge its strength and efficiency. Likewise, the ExpressionEngine community is growing and hasn’t reached its full potential yet. We, as volunteers, must bring together all the resources, material and non-material, necessary to accentuate the growth rate of this prestigious community.” implored Mr. Bhatt. 

It can be inferred that the ExpressionEngine conference was a knowledge and learning hotspot interspersed with networking and merriment. It would be justified to call it “The ExpressionEngine Gala 2019.”


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