Ahmedabad, India – (October 30, 2020) – Information Technology has seen a hopeful sun-rise during this pandemic. While some businesses are working towards new technology to fight this pandemic, others are trying to keep the tech-wheel churning by developing the existing tech.

ZealousWeb believes in the power of optimism, as suggested by its tag line. The proficient team of ZealousWeb has come up with three impeccable additions to their store as a result of their undefeated optimism.

Here Is All You Need To Know About All The Three Additions

The New Addition To Its eStore

1) Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7

There is no denying that the customer is the king. And in this data-driven society, data science solutions allow us to rope-in valuable customers through multiple data sets and reports. One dimension of carrying out campaigns is identifying the location of your customers and personalizing the campaign plans.

Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7

With the help of the Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7 plugin, you can track the customers’ location filled in the contact form 7.

The integration is quick and straightforward and allows you to install and manage it independently. It is your one-stop solution to take a step towards your customers. It has all the integration steps on its website, and the support team stays with you until you’re adept with the process.

Price: Free!!

2) Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro

More often than not, customers abandon a form or a cart for diverse reasons. And such incomplete action could have a negative effect on your campaign plans. Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro can help you identify the abandoned forms and remarket them to the customers via e-mails or other channels.

Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro

So, you can export data, enable email notifications, or use the said data to identify the moment you lose your customer – one plugin with multiple benefits.

Price: $27

Note: There is also a free version of the Abandoned Contact Form 7.

3) Smart SEO For Your ExpressionEngine Website

We’ve been trying to master SEO’s art to push our website in the SERPs’ first few results. But sometimes, we need the help of the tech-friend to ease us through the SERP results.

Smart SEO For Your ExpressionEngine Website

Team ZealousWeb has come up with a proven solution that is SEO-friendly, Smart SEO for your ExpressionEngine website. With this add-on’s help, you can add unlimited SEO fields, bind SEO data in the channel entry and category, edit the robot.txt file, customize SEO data (also called FLY SEO), and a lot more.

While the ZealousWeb eStore is stocked with diverse WordPress plugins and ExpressionEngine add-ons, these three are new additions and have done well on devot:ee and wp.org.

All these additions have been made, keeping customer satisfaction and rapid conversion-rate in mind. With a futuristic vision, team ZealousWeb has harnessed innovation to create a better business-sphere.

Price: $120 (on account of an on-going sale; regular price is $135)

About ZealousWeb

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