ZealousWeb Unveils Its Latest eStore Addition

ZealousWeb Unveils The New Addition To Its eStore

October 30, 2020
eStore ExpansionNew Product Launch

The Information Technology sector has experienced a significant surge amidst the pandemic. As some businesses focus on creating new technologies to combat this crisis, others are dedicated to enhancing existing technologies to keep the momentum going.

At ZealousWeb, optimism is more than just a motto; it’s a driving force. Fueled by this unwavering positivity, our skilled team has developed three exceptional new additions to our store.

Here’s A Detailed Look At Each Of These Innovative Offerings:

1) Tracking User Geolocation With Contact Form 7

In today’s data-centric world, recognizing the customer as king is more important than ever. Data science solutions offer the means to engage valuable customers effectively through various data sets and analytical reports. A key aspect of executing successful campaigns involves pinpointing your customers’ locations, allowing for tailored and personalized campaign strategies.

Tracking User Geolocation with Contact Form 7

Plug It In, Track It Down: Contact Form 7 Geolocation Simplified

The Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7 plugin enables you to effortlessly monitor the locations of customers who fill out your Contact Form 7. This plugin offers a simple, user-friendly integration process for easy installation and management. It serves as a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap with your customers. Detailed integration instructions are available on the website, and the support team is committed to assisting you until you are fully comfortable with the process.

Price: Free!

2) Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro

Customers often leave forms or shopping carts incomplete for various reasons, impacting your marketing campaigns. The Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro plugin addresses this issue by identifying forms that users have abandoned. It allows you to re-engage with these potential customers through email or other marketing channels.

Abandoned Contact Form 7

Recover lost leads With Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro

This plugin offers several features, including data export capabilities and email notification options. With this tool, you can pinpoint the exact moment a customer disengages, providing valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

Price: $27

Note: A free version of the Abandoned Contact Form 7 is also available.

3) Enhance Your ExpressionEngine Site With Smart SEO

Mastering SEO to elevate your website’s ranking on SERPs can be challenging, and sometimes, you need a technical ally to streamline the process.

Smart SEO

ExpressionEngine’s SEO With Smart SEO Built-in Brilliance

ZealousWeb proudly introduces an efficient, SEO-optimized solution: Smart SEO for your ExpressionEngine website. This add-on is a game-changer, allowing you to add unlimited SEO fields, integrate SEO data within channel entries and categories, edit the robot.txt file, and customize SEO data (also known as FLY SEO), among other features.

The ZealousWeb eStore is well-stocked with a variety of WordPress plugins and ExpressionEngine add-ons, and these recent introductions have gained significant traction on devot: ee and wp.org.

These new additions are designed with customer satisfaction and swift conversion rates in mind. With an eye towards the future, the ZealousWeb team is committed to embracing innovation to enhance the business landscape.

Price: $120 (special sale price; regular price is $135)

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