At ZealousWeb, we’re a distinguished Indian agency specializing in holistic web solutions. Our services range from responsive and user-centric UX/UI designs to SEO-optimized websites, crafted on dynamic platforms like WordPress, Webflow etc. With a focus on accessibility and branding, we’re committed to elevating your digital narrative, blending innovation with functionality for impactful results.

Our Web Design Expertise

Responsive Design

Web Design

Ensure your site is flawlessly functional on any device or browser, a crucial aspect of modern web presence.


UX/UI Design

Enhance user experience with interactive animations and engaging designs that keep users returning.


Landing Page Design

Strategically crafted landing pages on platforms like Webflow & HubSpot to increase conversion rates.


SEO-Friendly Web Design

Websites designed with SEO in mind from the start, boosting your online visibility and performance.


Accessibility Compliance

Ensuring your website is accessible to all users, adhering to the latest WCAG guidelines.


Branding and Visual Design

Creating a visual identity that resonates with your brand’s values & message.

Our Design Process in Steps

Client Success Stories

Explore our showcased case studies to witness the impact of our unique design approach. Discover how we’ve transformed visions into digital realities.


Boosting Seasonal Fashion Sales: Meet Bernard’s Success With Targeted PPC

eCommerce Paid Advertisement

With the objective to uplift and sustain the PPC campaign for Spring/Summer fashion periods and enhance sales for the Autumn/Winter collection, Meet Bernard entrusted the task to our expert hands. The mission was to strengthen the brand’s digital presence, specifically targeting their South East London store location, while managing a vast product range and ensuring efficient budget allocation across multiple campaigns.

Amor Active

Amor Active: Tailoring an Engaging and Optimized eCommerce Experience

eCommerce DevelopmentWebsite Design

Amor Active, an emerging player in the active-wear industry, aspired to refine its digital footprint. Understanding the pivotal role of an engaging website in eCommerce, the brand aimed to undergo a comprehensive redesign, improve speed, and fortify its SEO foundations. This revamp would not only enhance user experience but also amplify its brand presence in an increasingly competitive digital market.

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