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Enrich Yourself With Online Advertising Trends In Healthcare For 2024

February 18, 2024Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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With consumers’ preference growing towards digital platforms for purchases and booking appointments, modern-day marketers are putting over 70% of their marketing budgets into online advertising.

Moreover, it is estimated that 60% of businesses will be digital by the end of 2024. The best part is that the revenue generated from mobile advertising is $2 for every $3 spent.

These figures will proliferate in the upcoming years as more businesses will invest in online advertising. In the US healthcare sector, digital AD spending is expected to cross $19B by the end of 2024.

Hence, it is paramount to understand the trends to stay ahead in this competitive curve, or else you will miss out on exciting opportunities.

In this blog, we will enrich your knowledge with the online advertising trends in healthcare for 2024. We will also discuss its importance and role for healthcare practices.

Importance Of Online Advertising For Healthcare Practices

Online advertising is significant for marketers as it helps to reach a vast audience and is ideal for multi-branch healthcare practices. Moreover, it offers geo-targeting options to target specific regions and localities to attract local patients seeking healthcare services.

Online advertising is perfect for spreading your brand awareness by frequently appearing in users’ social media news feeds and search engine result pages (SERPs) and amplifying your practice visibility.

It not only attracts and retains patients but also empowers you to filter out prospective patients based on demographics, interests, preferences, and behavior. You can monitor analytics to understand patients’ psychology through data-driven insights and formulate strategies and campaigns accordingly.

Nonetheless, online advertising facilitates real-time interaction with potential patients through various platforms such as social media, search engines, and healthcare websites., becoming more cost-effective than traditional methods to reach an extensive audience.

Role Of Online Advertising For Healthcare Practices

Digital advertising in healthcare is a boon for practices looking to enjoy lucrative benefits and long-term success and achieve their short-term goals of increasing appointment conversions.

This powerful tool plays a predominant role in brand building and reputation management. With healthcare PPC campaigns, you can enhance your practice visibility by appearing frequently at the forefront of potential patients seeking healthcare services.

It not only leads to higher conversions but also creates a lasting impression in viewers’ minds. Moreover, online advertising offers targeted campaigns to deliver relevant and personalized messages and also spread valuable information.

Nonetheless, with targeting and retargeting in healthcare marketing, you can convert window shoppers and those users into appointments who overlooked your ad at the first instance. It helps to maximize ROI from online advertising and increases ad effectiveness.

Buckle up as we will share the latest online advertising trends in healthcare to upscale your knowledge and help you stay ahead in the competitive curve in 2024.

Voice Search Optimization

With over 1 billion voice searches performed daily and more than 20% of searches on Google done using voice assistant, it will play a crucial role in online advertising for healthcare practices in 2024.

Also, nearly 45% of adults in the USA use voice search daily, and 40% of the voice search results come from featured snippets on SERPs. Hence, it is pivotal to optimize your content and ads for voice search queries to enhance their visibility and rankings in SERPs.

Also, be sure to incorporate long-tail keywords, as the average voice search result length is 29 words. For instance, you can naturally incorporate terms like “which medicines to consume for throat pain” and “leading/top dental clinics in *area* name.”

It will make your content appear at the top of search results. You can even provide concise and relevant answers to common health questions and optimize website content around featured snippets for heightened visibility.

Influencer Marketing

Another trend going to rule in the healthcare sector in 2024 is influencer marketing, a dominant force in the social media landscape. With brands earning close to $5.80 for every dollar spent and over 30% of GenZ have made a purchase by getting influence through a celebrity (influencer), it will make a significant impact in 2024.

In the healthcare sector, it will create a huge buzz by generating astonishing ROI. Hence, partner with healthcare professionals, wellness advisors, and industry-relevant famous celebs to promote your services, spread brand awareness, and disseminate vital information. It will augment your practice authenticity and leave a lasting impression in viewers’ minds.

Moreover, these influencers have loyal fan followings and solid credibility in their respective niches. Their audience easily gets motivated and inspired by the information they share and is persuaded to purchase from the brand promoted by their favorite influencers. We suggest leveraging this powerful technique to derive the intended benefits.

AI-Powered Marketing

With AI creating its remarkable feat in several industry verticals, the healthcare sector will witness considerable AI impact in 2024. We can expect AI-powered advertising to become more prevalent in the healthcare sector, and further innovations will be made.

AI algorithms will analyze large chunks of patients’ data to identify common patterns and trends, understand their psychology, and predict their behavior. Accordingly, you can optimize your ad campaigns in real-time to maximize their efficacy.

With nearly 90% of marketers benefitting from AI technology by personalizing consumer journeys across social media channels, you can deliver personalized and relevant messages.

Nonetheless, you can automate appointment bookings through targeted ads by engaging the target audience and driving conversions.

Virtual Reality (VR) Ads

Like AI, Virtual Reality technology has gained tremendous momentum in several industries worldwide, including healthcare. It will play a decisive role in revolutionizing healthcare practices’ approach toward online advertising in 2024.

It will enable you to offer a VR tour of your facility, quality of treatment and care, simulate medical procedures in a 3D real-world environment, provide educational experiences to patients, and more exciting features.

Through VR technology, you will not only capture prospective patients’ attention but also give them clarity for decision-making and foster emotional connections.

Nonetheless, with VR hardware becoming affordable and accessible, expect them to be incorporated in social media ads for medical services. It will differentiate your practice and deliver memorable brand experiences.

Personalized Content

Lastly, we will experience a major shift in marketers and healthcare practices toward personalized content creation to make their brands appear distinctive. It is a potent strategy to make an authoritative mark by cutting through the noise and capturing the target audience’s attention.

Moreover, the content will resonate with your audience, and they will connect on a deeper level. Furthermore, we will experience healthcare practices leveraging data-driven insights to craft highly targeted and personalized online advertising content.

You can capitalize on tailored social media ads and customized email campaigns to deliver personalized content and enjoy higher engagement and conversion rates.

Nonetheless, we suggest bifurcating your audience into different segments, such as demographics, tastes, preferences, psychographics, and behavioral data, to develop relevant and compelling content addressing patients’ unique needs and pain points.


In 2024, the online advertising landscape in the healthcare sector will evolve rapidly, driven by technological innovations, emerging industry trends we mentioned in the blog, and changing customer preferences and behaviors.

Hence, it is vital to constantly understand your target audience’s psychographics and behavior to keep refining your strategies for maximum efficacy. Also, follow the tips we provided for each trend and embrace them to stay ahead of the competitive curve and accomplish your objectives in 2024.

Ensure that you utilize effective ad platforms for healthcare to reach your target audience effectively and spread your brand awareness. Moreover, by recognizing the importance of online advertising and its role in your practice, you can cleverly utilize it in your healthcare digital marketing.

However, if you have any questions or need more tips, feel free to contact us.

At ZealousWeb, we have helped 100s of healthcare practices efficiently craft online advertising strategies to attain short- and long-term business goals. Our PPC and social media experts are competent in developing compelling ad campaigns to help you enjoy quality leads for conversions.

You can also take advantage of our two-decade-wide expertise by contacting us at hello@zealousweb.com for a consultation.


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