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Mastering Voice Search: SEO Tips For Hospitals

March 13, 2024Posted By: Sailesh Bhambhani
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In the present digital era, we are witnessing revolutionary technologies invented to simplify processes and enhance user experiences. One such innovation that has skyrocketed and is used by nearly 40% of U.S. adults daily is Voice search.

It has redefined how users search for answers and interact with online content. Over four billion voice assistants are currently in use, and the number is estimated to surpass 8 billion by the end of 2024.

These numbers are applicable in the U.S. healthcare sector, where patients are using voice search assistants to get answers to their queries and seek healthcare information.

If you haven’t optimized your website content around voice search results, unfortunately, you are missing out on incredible growth opportunities and conversions.

But no need to panic or worry, as we are here to assist you by sharing tips for mastering voice search SEO for your hospitals. Buckle up as we unlock a gateway to optimizing for the spoken word, ensuring your hospitals are not only found but chosen, too.

What Is Voice Search SEO?

Let us first brief you about what it is. Voice Search SEO optimizes website content to align with user queries made using voice search assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Compared to traditional text-based searches, this one generates more specific results by focusing on natural language, long-tail keywords, question-based queries, and location.

It helps to give precise answers and results to users’ queries and aims to make your hospital’s website appear at the top of search engine results for voice search queries. It ensures your hospitals appear when prospective patients vocalize their needs and pain points and have answers to them.

Benefits Of Voice Search SEO For Hospitals

Voice Search SEO for hospitals offers countless benefits beyond mere visibility. Let us share some astonishing ones.

  1. Firstly, it enhances patient experience by providing immediate, hands-free access to crucial healthcare information for eliminating barriers to care.
  2. Secondly, it caters to the increasing prevalence of smartphone and voice assistant device usage by aligning with patients’ busy lifestyles.
  3. Thirdly, voice search optimization boosts local SEO, ensuring your hospitals appear prominently in “near me” queries, which is vital for reaching and
    attracting local patients.
  4. Lastly, it prepares your hospitals for future search results as voice-activated searches evolve and search engines tweak their algorithms with voice searches and deliver relevant results. You can remain at the forefront of digital healthcare trends.

Tips For Mastering Voice Search SEO For Hospitals

Voice search has the ability to propel your hospital’s visibility, accessibility, and patient engagement to the next level. We are one foot in the future, where patients’ voices lead the way.

Mastering Voice Search SEO involves a strategic blend of technical optimizations, local SEO efforts, and content creation. In this section, we will share compelling tips to guide your hospital’s approach toward voice search healthcare SEO.

Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

Nearly 70% of voice search queries are made using long-tail keywords, so optimizing your website content around them becomes paramount. We suggest
incorporating long-tail keywords mimicking natural speech patterns into your content.

Also, as voice searches are conversational and detailed, you can match these queries with long-tail keywords.

Optimize For Questions

The average voice search result is around 30 words in length, and it is primarily in question form. We suggest drafting content that directly answers potential patients’ questions. We also recommend creating FAQ pages and articles addressing common health concerns with concise, relevant, and informative answers.

Enhance Local SEO

Voice search answers over 90% of search queries, and around 60% of consumers use voice search with the local search intent. Hence, ensure your hospital’s Google My Business (GMB) listing is updated with accurate information, including NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number), operating hours, and facility photos.

Mobile Optimization

With nearly 30% of voice search queries coming from smartphones, it becomes crucial to make your hospital’s website mobile-friendly.

Also, ensure it has faster loading times, responsive design, intuitive navigation, and covered technical aspects to give mobile users an incredible experience and create an astonishing impression in search engine eyes.

Structured Data Markup

Next, we suggest using schema markup to provide search engines with authentic and detailed information about hospital services, specialization, operating hours, location, contact details, and reviews. It augments your likelihood of appearing in rich snippets, which display 40% of voice search results.

Voice Search Analytics

It is pivotal to utilize analytics to comprehend how patients find your hospital and competitors via voice search. Accordingly, fine-tune your strategies based on these data-driven insights to constantly enhance your visibility.

Engage Through Local Community Content

Next, we suggest creating content that resonates and deeply connects with your local community. You can draft content around health tips, specialized services tailored to the community’s needs, and local health events.

It fosters local relevance and authority as an authoritative information source, boosting your voice search ranking.

Conversational Content

Lastly, we recommend tailoring your website content to patient-friendly and conversational by incorporating medical-related phrases and questions that patients might search with. It amplifies voice search optimization and enhances user engagement.

Apart from the above tips, ensure your website uses HTTPS as search engines display secured websites at the top of their voice search results, and it builds trust with your site visitors.


As voice search continues to evolve and reshape the digital landscape, it is vital to stay informed about voice search trends and constantly adapt your hospital voice search strategy to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Also, it is a lucrative opportunity to optimize your hospital’s online presence and connect with patients in meaningful ways. By incorporating the tips we shared, you will definitely enjoy tremendous outcomes and see your hospital rank higher in voice search results for industry-relevant queries.

The journey to mastering voice search is ongoing, and you can simplify this entire process by partnering with an experienced SEO digital marketing agency, such as ZealousWeb.

With two-plus decades of expertise in catering to hospitals and healthcare providers, our team is competent in delivering impressive results. We have helped several hospitals with voice search optimization by optimizing their content around voice search queries.

We incorporate voice SEO best practices to ensure our clients get fruitful results. However, if you have any questions or need more tips or a quotation for our voice SEO service, feel free to contact us at hello@zealousweb.com.


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