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My Remote Partner In WordCamp Europe 2019

June 28, 2019
WordCampWordPress Conference

WordCamps are dynamic conferences that cover everything related to WordPress. These events are perfect for enhancing programming skills and improving client relationships. For anyone in the WordPress community, they offer a unique opportunity to meet individuals who can significantly contribute to your professional growth. The sessions are enlightening, and the networking opportunities are exceptional.

My Remote Partner’s team recently returned from WordCamp Europe 2019, held from June 20 to 22 in Berlin, Germany. This event was monumental, attracting nearly 3,000 attendees from over 90 countries over three days, making it the largest WordCamp.

Our first WordCamp experience was fantastic. We were astounded by the global representation and the generosity of the WordPress community at WordCamp Europe. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Keyur Dave, CMO (My Remote Partner) & COO (ZealousWeb)
Keyur Dave and Neil Williams

Dynamic Duo: Keyur Dave and Neil Williams Unite at WordCamp Europe 2019

ZealousWeb Team and My Remote Partner Team

ZealousWeb Team Meets My Remote Partner Team for a Shared Vision in Europe 2019

The event commenced with Contributor’s Day, followed by two main conference days. The diversity within the WordPress community was evident, with attendees ranging from freelancers to representatives of large agencies and global tech companies like Google and Amazon.

The My Remote Partner team connected with many developers, bloggers, visitors, and sponsors, all eager to learn and share. During their conversations, they learned about the challenges of hiring skilled freelancers or full-time employees in an increasingly competitive market.

As a first-time attendee to WordCamp Europe (or any WC for that matter), I was unsure what to expect. The quality of the talks was great, spanning a wide range of topics from advanced coding techniques to sales and business process improvement. It was delightful to meet so many people over the course of a few days and get some great feedback for the innovative business model we are creating with

Neil Williams, CEO of My Remote Partner

Many attendees were looking to start something new or improve their existing ventures. The MRP team introduced the concept of hiring a remote team flexibly, a significant innovation in the digital era.

For example, companies specializing in digital marketing, web development, and mobile app development increasingly seek remote workers to enhance service quality and boost productivity. The WordPress community embraced MRP’s new business model, which focuses on adaptability towards employees in the evolving digital service industry.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Contributor Day was also enlightening; it was great to see firsthand the work that goes into building an open-source product like WordPress and the dedication of the various teams. The positive feedback for our new business model shows that our flexible approach has something to offer everyone, from providing resources to freelancers and micro-agencies to prevent burnout to meeting the demands of larger agencies and SaaS product teams.

Andrew Jones, CTO of My Remote Partner

Most of the WordPress community at the event was from companies or agencies, providing an excellent opportunity to build new business connections face-to-face. Like many others, the MRP team was deeply engaged in networking.

It was a remarkable WordCamp. I spent time with many old colleagues, built new relationships, and listened to experts sharing their opinions, concepts, experiences, and more. I’m glad we achieved our goal of introducing a unique business model in the IT industry. Learning about the cool stuff happening in the WordPress eco-space was exciting. I definitely consider Europe a ‘must-visit’ camp.

Kandarp Bhatt, CEO of ZealousWeb

Seeing so many brilliant minds collaborate and exchange new ideas was inspiring. To learn more about future events we’re attending, visit My Remote Partner!

Here are some snapshots from the talks –

ZealousWeb Team in WordCamp Europe

ZealousWeb Team Takes Center Stage at WordCamp Europe

ZealousWeb Team Moments in WordCamp Europe

Capturing Memorable Moments with the ZealousWeb Team at WordCamp Europe

ZealousWeb and My report partner team at WordCamp Europe

ZealousWeb and My Remote Partner Team at the Heart of WordCamp Europe 2019

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