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6 Mistakes To Avoid in Your SEO Campaign

Post by|SEO22 March,2016
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Nowadays, having a website to promote your company is turning out to be a basic necessity for the survival of your business. This is the reason why the web designing and development companies are making good money these days.

However, it is also true that merely having a website or e-commerce website for your company is not enough these days. The competition among the companies is so intense that you really need to provide the much needed attention and exposure to your website.

This is the reason why SEO agency are highly essential for any growing business these days. Optimization of your website according to the guidelines of the search engine, which mainly counts Google here, it the main essence of SEO techniques; and, companies are spending tons of money and resources to get their website fine turned as per the SEO rules.

Nevertheless, not everyone is getting the top slots; which means, things are not being carried out in the right way. So, what are the wrong areas where you need to lay your focus on?

1. Keywords

It is quite true that keyword is one of the most crucial cogs in the wheel of SEO techniques. It takes great amount of research and knowledge to figure out the right set of keywords for your business niche. Researching about the most suitable keywords can turn out to be tougher if your business belongs to a very populated category. Making use of short keywords is one of the major mistakes you need to avoid. These days, it is vital to incorporate long tail keywords in your SEO campaign. Secondly, if the chosen keywords do not perfectly represent your business or its products and services then your customers will surely find it tougher to spot your website.

2. Digital marketing tools

SEO is really big; I mean, really big! Hence, if you want to tame its different aspects then you would have to make use of digital marketing tools like SEMRushAhrefs, Moz and many more. These tools will help you analyze the progress or current situation of your SEO campaign. Just spending tons of resources is not enough; you have to regularly analyze and monitor the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, and the outcome it is generating as well. Without the application of management tools you will not be able to figure out the areas you need to work on. So, your SEO campaign will not be as effective as it should be.

3. Content

A lot of times you might have come across the term ‘content is king’. Well, it is true to a significant extent. Filling your website with loads of content and other blog sites with contents related to your website is simply not enough. If the online users do not find the contents engaging enough or relevant to them, in that case you will hardly get their attention. Hence, you will have to create contents that should cater to the needs of your target customers.

Rather than boring your online users with lengthy contents, it is better to keep the content rich, informational, and highly crisp. Most importantly, the content should contain proper amount of keywords.

4. Bad links

Backlinking your website is a good technique in order to get more traffic and ranking towards your website. It works as well. However, if you do not pick the sites carefully where you want to backlink, then it can definitely mar down the reputation of your website. It can prove to be detrimental for the health of your SEO campaign.

5. Targeting the customers

Not able to understand your potential customers is one of the major mistakes of SEO campaign. You need to target your potential customers by different techniques of marketing, such as bulk email, bulk SMS, etc.

6. Professional design

The design of a website, particularly related to selling products and services, matters a lot. It should look absolutely professional, with no scope for error. A professional looking website will definitely make your target customers more confident about purchasing your products or seeking its services. So, when choosing a design for your e-commerce site, you have to make sure that the design looks professional as well as adhere to the SEO related rules.

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