Accume Partner offers its pioneer services to advise its clients on internal audit, enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity & privacy solutions. Their effective and problem-oriented solutions have been revered by clients for their accuracy. Accume Partners have been in the business for over 25 years and have successfully served more than 500 clients


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Being in the business for over 25 years with the same brand image had made the company of reaching the target customers. The same brand image for over 25 years had pushed the firm to stagnation. Company was in dire need of new refreshing brand image that would facilitate them to connect with their target audience better.

It is always prudent for companies to keep looking for new clients and not rely on their recurring business. Considering to rebrand their business also allowed room to connect with new-age clients that would resonate with their ideas and beliefs and draw relevant business, brewing with new clients.

Changing market scenario has made the company vulnerable to competing with the newly emerged businesses from the same vertical. Accume Partners needed to reposition their dynamics in order to take an advantage over the new and emerging firms from the same business vertical.

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The expert team at ZealousWeb Technologies charted a well-defined timeline to implement and organize the entire process of rebranding Accume Partners. Our team set out to understand their

  • Business ethos
  • Services offered
  • Process of executing plans
  • Target customers
  • Niche markets

After a thorough brain-storming of ideas, our team decided to refurbish their

  • Logo
  • UI/UX of Accume Partners website
  •  Business cards
  • Custom powerpoint presentation design template
  • Placemats
  • Magazine design.

With the combined efforts of our team, we created initial design mockups of each of the above entities. We provided our client with multiple variants, often more than 5 designs for each of their entities. With an elaborate array of design options, Accume Partners pick and chose the best version of our mocks up that resonated with their brand ethos. We tweaked our design at certain places until our client was satisfied with the final version of designs for each of the entities. With the designs being finalized by the Accume Partners team, we began to render the design into its final version.


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The rigorous efforts that were put into conceptualizing the rebranding of Accume Partners bore results. The efforts of branding gave a new-age identity to the business. Their clients and prospects started to identify Accume Partners better with their new and improved logo design and website design. The revamping of their brand image, their connect with the audience better, thy could project their services to the target audience in a better way.

Branding their business through custom design of placemats,  powerpoint presentation template, Accume Partners produced and effective marketing material to propagate their ideas and project their services better. An effective marketing material not only helped them to reach out to their existing clients but also garnered new clients, as the ethos of Accume Partners now reverberated with the new-age prospects and clients.

The rebranding was extended to business cards and magazine design which imparted a sense of fresh ideals and beliefs not only to the people working within the organization but to their clientele at large.

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