Enhancing Digital Marketing Through Innovative Video Editing And Moderation: The YouShow Success Story

Name of the client : Federico Eines Levinton

Youshow is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing system following the B2B model aiming at organizations selling products and services. It’s a subscription based system where the businesses can direct their client to advertise on their behalf in exchange for rewards. Such deals are provided by businesses for example – cafes and restaurants, where if the client’s video advertisement passes through all the checks and is validated they’re further rewarded .

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Video/Ad Clip Editing And Representation

In any advertisement that revolves around video format, a lot of editing is required. YouShow aimed at providing a video editing platform from the website itself for customer’s ease.


To prevent sharing of profane/explicit data on client platforms, moderation systems were needed.

Ad Stats

To check on how well an advertisement performs a video statistics page was necessary for improvements.


Video Editing Platform
  •  A video editing platform was developed to provide total control over the video they recorded, allowing them to time their intros, outros, add video frames, adjust audio tracks to improve overall appeal. Further features such as video templates, animations for intros and outros, customization of background color, logo presentation and scaling were also added with the help of FFmepg.
Admin And Moderators
  • All the videos are monitored and controlled by admins namely – Master Admin and Content Moderators. A dashboard was developed listing the status of the video along with information if the video has passed all the safety checks.
Video Checkers
  • 3rd party APIs were used, such as Sightengine, Google – Speech-to-Text: Automatic Speech Recognition which are used for scanning user uploaded video to check it’s visuals, audio, metadata and doesn’t contains any nudity, weapons, offensive, violence etc type of content.
Realtime Update
  • The video is updated in real-time status after approval by either the moderators team or the 3rd party APIs.
Push Notification Services
  • Once a draft video is submitted by the user, a push notification is sent to the moderation team on a messaging app like Whatsapp for review.
  • Google Translate API was used for localization services as per user’s location and preferences.
Email Services
  • Postmark email service was used for notifying the business and users.
  • YouShow was developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and is intended to work on any platform with a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices.


Moderation - Manual & Automated

After the drafted video is uploaded it goes through various checks within a minute, the checks can be done via a moderation team within 30 secs and a video checking tool which verifies if the video is safe to share.

Realtime Update & Notification

Realtime status update of a video via push notifications helped the Youshow moderators in keeping the track of uploaded video to follow up.


A Progressive Web App (PWA) platform was given to each registered business and users can access the App by scanning the QR code.

Reaching A Wider Audience

YouShow has multi-lingual support thanks to the usage of Google’s Translation API.

YouShow Home Page
YouShow Product Page
YouShow Product Page

Our partnership with ZealousWeb in developing YouShow has been a journey of innovation and technological advancement. The challenges of integrating a comprehensive video editing platform and ensuring rigorous moderation were expertly navigated by their team. Their solution provided not just an editing tool, but also a robust moderation system, using both manual and automated checks, which has been pivotal in maintaining content integrity. The development of YouShow as a Progressive Web App (PWA) was a strategic move, enhancing accessibility and user engagement across various platforms. The real-time updates and notification system keep our moderation team proactive, ensuring a seamless user experience. ZealousWeb’s proficiency in employing cutting-edge technologies like FFmpeg, Google Speech-to-Text, and Google Translate API has greatly contributed to YouShow’s ability to reach a diverse, global audience. I’m thoroughly impressed with their commitment to quality and innovation, and I confidently recommend ZealousWeb for their exceptional web development services.

Federico Eines Levinton, YouShow
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