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Optimizing Educational Data Management: AFPI’s Strategic Web Development Journey With React

Name of the client : Adam W Schindler

America First Policy Institute is a 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit, non-partisan research institute, the undertaken AFPI project revolves around fetching data from school districts in various American states.

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Fetching Data And Representation

Collecting data from all the school districts is no easy task and representing it correctly as per requirements takes a step further.

Export Of Data

For informative purposes the fetched data needs to be exported to an easily viewable format.


Data Representation
  • Application of filters and data being represented state-wise along with information for members of the board.
  • Admin and User panels were developed for providing permissions and access to user data respectively. Admin panel provides overall access to all the data of school districts listed in the country. Here permissions are assigned to users for edit and delete functionality. The user data contains a list of all school districts and their default assigned roles. It also provides a list of all the board members of the respective school district along with links to their profiles.
Data Filtering
  • Several filters were provided for precise data, such as – State wise school district, grouping by number of students.


Data Collation And Representation

Results of all school districts from all of the states are now displayed in a comprehensive manner.

Secured Access

With security measures in place with restricted API access, only the members with eligible roles can view the data and make adjustments.

Easier Data Sharing

Data can now be shared in an easily accessible and viewable format such as .xls, .cls files.

AFPI Home page
AFPI product page
AFPI product page

Collaborating with ZealousWeb on the America First Policy Institute project was a remarkable experience. They adeptly tackled the challenge of fetching and accurately representing complex data from numerous school districts across various states. Their development of intuitive admin and user panels for data management, coupled with robust security measures, has greatly enhanced our operational capabilities. The implementation of advanced data filters and the ability to export data into user-friendly formats have been pivotal in streamlining our processes. ZealousWeb’s commitment to delivering a secure, efficient, and user-centric solution has significantly contributed to the success of our project. Their expertise in React-based web development and attention to detail have made them an invaluable partner, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services for any complex data management needs.

Adam W Schindler, America First Policy Institute
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