Partridges: Harnessing The Power Of Magento To Uplift An Established Brand

Name of the client : Andrew Cox

Partridges, a renowned London-based luxury foods retailer, sought to rejuvenate its online presence amidst evolving e-commerce landscapes. With their website based on an older version of Magento, Partridges recognized the imperative need for an upgrade, a refreshed theme, and enhanced functionalities like dynamic Instagram feed integration. Aimed at delivering a seamless user experience and staying updated with the latest web standards, the project was critical in ensuring that Partridges’ rich legacy translated well into the digital realm.

Website MaintenanceWebsite UpgradeMagento


Version Obsolescence

Transitioning from an older Magento version, factoring in the substantial changes in subsequent releases.

Theme Discontinuation

Upgrading a website theme that was no longer available in the Marketplace.

Dynamic Instagram Integration

Ensuring continuous Instagram feed display by updating tokens dynamically.

Performance Enhancement

Boosting website speed for improved user experience.


Strategic Upgrade
  • Initiated a backup of all files and data, then methodically upgraded to Magento 2.3, followed by a transition to the latest 2.4 version.
Manual Theme Update
  • Addressed the theme discontinuation challenge by manually upgrading it, ensuring compliance with Magento’s latest version requirements.
Instagram Feed Optimization
  • Developed a manual solution for the Instagram feed and incorporated a console command, set to execute at predetermined intervals, refreshing the Instagram token seamlessly.
Speed And Efficiency
  • Adopted JavaScript lazy load, streamlined code, and optimized database queries. Complementary measures like image optimization and WebP integration were also implemented.


Smooth Transition

Successfully migrated to the latest Magento version without compromising data integrity.

Fresh Design Interface

The manual theme upgrade ensured the website retained its familiar aesthetics while aligning with modern web standards.

Continuous Instagram Engagement

The dynamic token refreshment ensured a constant Instagram feed, enhancing site aesthetics and user engagement.

Optimized Performance

Significant improvement in website load time and responsiveness, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Partridges Home page
Partridges Product list Page
Partridges Product Page

The transformation of our website was nothing short of spectacular. The challenges we faced, given our older Magento version and discontinued theme, seemed daunting. But the team’s expertise and dedication ensured we not only navigated these hurdles but also significantly enhanced our online presence. The dynamic Instagram integration and performance optimizations have truly elevated our digital user experience. A big thank you for reigniting Partridges in the digital world!

Andrew Cox, Partridges
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