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Name of the client : Adam Ramsden

Tixstock revolutionizes back-end processes with its industry-leading technology, offering a suite of tools for efficient real-time inventory management. This innovation replaces outdated and fragmented systems, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Web DevelopmentReact JS


Huge Listings Management

Faced challenges in rendering and inline editing within the inventory module for approximately 10,000 listings, hitting the browser’s maximum limit.

Event Search Performance

Struggled with performance issues during keyword-based searches in the database table, despite experimenting with various database techniques.

Event Stadium Map Integration

Required intricate JavaScript logic for user interaction, such as seat selection and data filtering, along with responsive SVG integration.


Data Virtualization
  • Implemented data virtualization to manage and display large datasets efficiently, avoiding the complete loading of data and enhancing browser performance.
Search Optimization With Algolia
  • Utilized Algolia for optimized search functionality, surpassing traditional database search capabilities.
Interactive SVG Stadium Map
  • Developed an interactive SVG map using React.js and custom JavaScript for an intuitive and engaging user experience in ticket selection and data filtering.


Efficient Inventory Management

Enhanced ability for brokers to manage event listings, including simultaneous edits and publication, with clear visibility of listing statuses.

Increased Broker Engagement

The redesigned broker panel with advanced features significantly boosted the number of new broker registrations.

Improved Order Fulfillment

Streamlined the order fulfillment process, accommodating various ticket types and enhancing the user interface.

TX Trade Module

Introduced a new module for internal ticket purchases among brokers, offering discounted rates and fostering community collaboration.

Tixstock home page
Tixstock home page
Tixstock home page

Our collaboration with ZealousWeb on revamping Tixstock has been a transformative experience. Their innovative approach in tackling our inventory management challenges with React JS and data virtualization significantly upgraded our system’s capabilities. The integration of Algolia for enhanced search functionality and the development of an interactive SVG stadium map have not only improved our operational efficiency but also enriched the user experience. The introduction of the TX Trade Module has been a game-changer, facilitating internal ticket exchanges among brokers and fostering a sense of community. Thanks to ZealousWeb’s technical prowess and dedication, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in broker engagement and streamlined order fulfillment processes. Their solution-oriented mindset and skill in implementing advanced technologies have truly set a new standard for Tixstock, driving our business forward.

Adam Ramsden, Tixstock
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