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Name of the client : Michael Luckx

Formerly known as Spacehuntr, Eventflare transitioned to become a platform where businesses can effortlessly book their entire event in one place. The company, adept at empowering businesses to find, compare, and book unique spaces, required a robust online presence that could handle diverse content management needs and integrate seamlessly with their existing system.

Web DevelopmentStrapi


Content Management

Required a versatile system to manage diverse site content including pages, images, and global configurations.

System Data Integration

The critical task of migrating data from the old to new website on a different platform.

Custom Solutions In CMS

Developing custom fields, plugins, and content types in a CMS environment.


Strapi Implementation
  • Transitioned from WordPress to Strapi, a headless CMS, for enhanced content flexibility and control.
Data Migration Plugin
  • Developed a custom Strapi plugin for seamless data migration from WordPress, ensuring all operational data was accurately transferred.
API Customization
  • Crafted tailor-made APIs with Strapi, allowing for more intricate data control and various contingencies.
Custom Plugins And Functionalities
  • Created a suite of custom plugins for Eventflare’s unique needs, including data migration, localization, content generation, previewing drafted content, and password generation.
Dynamic SEO And Listing Features
  • Implemented automated logic for Meta tags, OG tags, and structured SEO data, and integrated Google’s Distance Matrix API for venue listing proximity calculations.
Third-Party Integrations
  • Integrated with various third-party services like DigitalOcean CDN, Sentry Bug Tracker, SendGrid, Google GeoLocation, and more for enhanced functionality.


Enhanced Content Flexibility

The Strapi platform enabled dynamic, user-friendly content management without technical intervention.

Optimized API Performance

Achieved fast API response times with robust and secure APIs, ensuring data privacy.

Automation For Efficiency

Automated SEO logic facilitated improved Google search rankings and streamlined the process of finding venue listing distances for global events.

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Eventflare product page
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As the leader of Eventflare, I, Michael Luckx, am immensely satisfied with the services provided by ZealousWeb. Their expertise in transitioning our platform from WordPress to Strapi has significantly revolutionized our content management capabilities, allowing us to offer an enhanced and intuitive user experience. The seamless data migration, custom API development, and the array of tailor-made plugins have not only streamlined our operations but also enriched our site’s functionality. ZealousWeb’s focus on creating dynamic SEO strategies and integrating essential third-party tools has remarkably elevated our online presence. The results, from improved content flexibility to optimized API performance and efficient automation, have been transformative. We are deeply grateful to ZealousWeb for their dedication and exceptional skill in taking Eventflare to new heights in the digital landscape.

Michael Luckx, Eventflare
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