America First Policy Institute (AFPI)

Streamlining Data Access for Educational Insight: The America First Policy Institute’s Web Development Success

Name of the client : Adam W Schindler

America First Policy Institute is a 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit, non-partisan research institute, the undertaken AFPI project revolves around fetching data from school districts in various American states.

Web DevelopmentNode JS


Data Scraping

Challenges in web scraping often include handling dynamic content, overcoming anti-scraping measures, ensuring ethical and legal compliance, managing large datasets, and adapting to website structure changes. Balancing speed and politeness, avoiding IP blocking, and addressing CAPTCHA challenges are also common issues encountered in web scraping.


Common challenges associated with developing an API, including complexity, security risks, and determining the data structure based on system integration needs.


Data Scraping
  • Data scraping was accomplished by using NodeJS-supported packages, which enabled gathering information from the web as per project requirements.School districts were fetched state-wise with all of the necessary information for each school which include name, student strength, members of boards and their related information.
  • User authentication API was developed to allow restricted access only to valid users in the front portal. API for fetching districts by state using secured generated keys, authenticated users, and filters. Sharing of private APIs with third parties using generated access tokens was also implemented.


Data Collection

 Information of various school districts across the country were collected and stored via web page scraping.

Secured & Increased API Response

Authenticated keys were used in web apps to prevent unauthorized API access. A highly secure, robust and optimized API was developed aiming for peak performance.

Roles & Permissions

The representation of data on the front portal is determined by the roles and permissions granted to users for selected states.

AFPI Home page
AFPI product page
AFPI product page

Working with ZealousWeb on the America First Policy Institute project was an exceptional experience. Their expertise in handling the intricate process of data scraping and API development was evident throughout our collaboration. They skillfully navigated the complexities of web scraping, ensuring ethical compliance while efficiently collecting extensive data from various school districts. The creation of secure, optimized APIs contributed significantly to our project’s success, allowing us to safeguard sensitive information and maintain peak performance. What truly set ZealousWeb apart was their attention to detail in implementing user authentication and roles, ensuring that data representation on our platform was both secure and tailored to our needs. The team’s dedication, technical acumen, and problem-solving capabilities have been invaluable to the success of our project, and I highly recommend ZealousWeb for their top-notch web development services.

Adam W Schindler, America First Policy Institute
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