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Empowering Women’s Health With FEMNA Mobile App

Name of the client : Maxie

Under Maxie’s leadership, FEMNA sought to expand their digital footprint with a mobile application dedicated to women’s health. The app aimed to encompass four health programs, each offering a diverse range of educational content including videos, PDFs, audios, tables, and images. It was designed to track and display user progress in percentage terms, across programs, lessons, and topics.

Customization and WordPress backend integrationFlutter-based mobile app developmentFlutterWordPress


Data Structuring Limitations

Encountered difficulties with WordPress’s limitations and dependency on third-party plugins, leading to challenges in content organization.

Frontend Content Management

Handling a variety of content types and conditions within the app’s frontend posed significant challenges.


Conditional Data Structuring
  • Implemented conditional loops and structures to effectively organize data within WordPress’s constraints.
Optimized Frontend Handling
  • The frontend was meticulously optimized to manage and display various types of educational content, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Efficient Content Delivery

The FEMNA app now proficiently delivers a wide range of health-related content to its users.

Progress Tracking Capability

Users benefit from the app’s ability to track their learning journey, enhancing engagement and motivation.

Successful Data Management

Despite initial challenges with WordPress, effective solutions were implemented for smooth content organization and delivery.

FEMNA Home Page
FEMNA Product Page
FEMNA Product Page

Partnering with ZealousWeb for FEMNA’s mobile application was a remarkable journey. Their adeptness in Flutter development and WordPress customization addressed our project’s unique challenges. The team’s innovative approach resulted in an app that not only efficiently delivers diverse health content but also elegantly manages user progress tracking. The final product has significantly contributed to enhancing FEMNA’s online presence in the women’s health sector. ZealousWeb’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the development process, and their solutions have been instrumental in realizing our vision for FEMNA.

Maxie, CEO of FEMNA
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