ZenniHome Is Transforming The $2T US Housing Market With Robotic Homes

Name of the client : Bob Worsley

ZenniHome, led by CEO Bob Worsley, is revolutionizing the US housing market with its state-of-the-art robotic homes. Seeking to offer unparalleled customer experience, they recognized integration challenges with their eCommerce platform, Shopify, and their customer relationship management tool, ZOHO CRM. They aimed to seamlessly synchronize essential data, achieve advanced reporting capabilities, and optimize their email communication strategy to connect better with their audience.

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Integrate ZOHO CRM With Shopify

ZenniHome faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating ZOHO CRM with their Shopify ecommerce platform. The goal was to synchronize newsletter subscribers, leads, and other essential data between Shopify and ZOHO CRM.

Customize Order Reports

The client needed advanced reporting and analytics capabilities for their e-commerce store. They aimed to customize order reports using the Advanced Reporting & Analytics app, including additional order fields and export list functionality.

Email Template Modification

To enhance their customer communication, the client required modifications to their newsletter email templates and auto-reply email templates.


Custom Integration App
  • We developed a custom application that utilized Shopify webhooks and ZOHO CRM APIs to ensure seamless data synchronization. This app enabled the automatic transfer of orders, newsletter subscribers, leads, and other crucial data between Shopify and ZOHO CRM. The result was a streamlined and error-free data exchange process.
Advanced Reporting And Analytics
  • We installed the Advanced Reporting & Analytics app to meet the client’s reporting needs. Using this app, we customized the order reports, incorporating additional order fields and export list functionality. This provided ZenniHome with comprehensive insights into their e-commerce operations and simplified their reporting processes.
Email Template Enhancement
  • We modified the content and layout of email templates in ZOHO CRM to improve customer communication. Additionally, we integrated ZOHO forms into the Shopify platform, allowing for efficient data collection and lead generation.


Efficient Data Synchronization

The custom integration app successfully bridged the gap between ZOHO CRM and Shopify. It facilitated the seamless transfer of essential data, including orders, newsletter subscribers, and leads. This automation led to a more efficient and error-free data synchronization process, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

Comprehensive Analytics

With the implementation of the Advanced Reporting & Analytics app, ZenniHome gained access to comprehensive insights into their e-commerce operations. The customized order reports, enriched with additional order fields and export list functionality, empowered the client to make data-driven decisions and fine-tune their business strategies.

Improved Customer Communication

The modifications made to email templates and the integration of ZOHO forms into Shopify led to enhanced customer communication. ZenniHome could now engage with their audience more effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a stronger brand-customer relationship.

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Our experience with ZealousWeb has been outstanding. Confronted with significant challenges like ZOHO CRM and Shopify integration, customizing order reports, and revamping email templates, their team proffered innovative solutions that have enhanced our operational efficiency and customer engagement. The custom app they crafted now stands central to our data sync process, bridging Shopify and ZOHO CRM effortlessly. With the Advanced Reporting & Analytics app customizations, we gain insights through enriched reporting, and our revamped email templates have amplified our customer interactions. ZealousWeb has truly been instrumental in our ecommerce trajectory, and we eagerly anticipate our continued partnership.

Bob Worsley , CEO of ZenniHome
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