In the world of inflation and high real estate rates, Zenni Home offers a wide range of customized transportable homes so that one can enjoy family time in a well spacious home. These modern dwellings stack in multi-family configurations with the least amount of environmental impact possible.


With the wide range of options available wide orders also fall in but managing that with their previous Shopify website was a little tricky:

  • Required synchronization between CRM tool & Shopify website for managing orders and sales
  • 2-way authentication required
  • There was no user portal where customers could track their orders


With the help of the ZealousWeb Shopify expert, we created a plan for what needs to be done for the betterment of the client. Here is the list of activities we suggested

  • A CRM subscription and connecting that to the Shopify website
  • Configuration to Google Analytics
  • Installation of a Shopify Reporting tool
  • Creating a User portal to view/manage orders
  • Taking care of User Experience


By taking our experts’ advice, the ZealousWeb team started working. Beginning with transferring the entire data to Zoho CRM and Google Analytics configuration. That indeed helped them with tracking and targeting audience and sales. To make it more user-friendly, we added more features such as User-portal, autoresponder, and a reminder e-mail first three months.

After addressing the website’s UX, the next priority was to address the sophisticated capabilities for retargeting visits by way of illustration, establishing templates for various activities, and two-factor authentication for newsletter subscriptions.

All those enactments resulted in a better-performing website and happy clients.

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