InnerPeace is a best meditation workout application for beginners to intermediates. The app is very simple and easy to use and avails different types of meditations to relax, destress, and provide a healthy routine to its users. The app encompases the simple yet effective features that will help the users to learn and perform different meditation postures, pranayama with detailed information about how to perform them. The app allows the users to set the time for meditation and set and save custom exercise routines. There are various choices of sounds to choose that will be played in the background while performing the exercises and you can chant along with the mantras. The users can easily track their performance with their daily logs and reports.


  • Option to browse different types of Meditation available in the InnerPeace Application
  • Option to browse different types of meditation postures
  • Tell your mood and InnerPeace app will set a time for your meditation
  • Strengthen your Breath Holding ability with the help of InnerPeace
  • Option to browse different Kinds Of Pranayamas
  • Detailed information about how to do Pranayama steps, benefits and precautions
  • Handy reporting logs to track and analyze your performance in meditation
  • Gives you varied choice of sounds which can be played in the background
  • The app provides the mantras to chant while medications
  • Set and save custom meditation\Breathing\exercise routines
  • The app provides a mantra tracker

Technical Specification:

  • Objective C, Auto Resizing Masking
  • Timers
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