Is it true that the very idea of starting a business from scratch sends a chill down your spine? If so, the only way to deal with your nervousness and fears is to accept the fact that you are not alone. With each passing day, thousands of people across the globe are investing their hard-earned money to establish their business. There is little doubt that not each one of them succeeds in their endeavors, but a lot of them do write their success stories. The ones that experience disappointments are mostly those who fail to manage their workflow. Therefore, it’s imperative for every business owner out there to take concrete steps to enhance workflow management. 

Workflow management is the art of using your processes to their full potential by automating them. From streamlining client communication, enhancing your operational efficiency, to intensifying the ability to perform administrative tasks, you have to focus on every aspect of your business. 

In a nutshell, to stay ahead of the race, you will have to embrace cutting edge tools and techniques to carry out your daily operations flawlessly. Talk about, the communication gap between your teams, or your inability to inform your client about ongoing project developments, such things can create a lot of chaos and confusion.

The only way to circumvent such problems is to use advanced tools and techniques. 

Here are some of the tools that can help you improve your workflow. 


One of the most remarkable tools for streamlining communication; Skype helps businesses reduce their operational expenses considerably. It’s an excellent tool for both startups and well-established companies. It minimizes the cost of business calls significantly. Your team members can use it both for communicating with each other and for interacting with your clients. If you have different teams working on a project, they can make video calls to discuss project developments. Besides, its inexpensive international calls make it convenient for you to talk to your clients whenever required. Its instant messaging feature and cost-effective video calls play a vital role in minimizing your communications costs like anything.

Besides, you can also monitor your expenses with the help of Skype Manager. It makes it possible for you to control your accounts centrally. You can create Skype accounts for your employees, and keep track of them. You can check the expenses and plan accordingly in terms of how to reduce them. 

There is little doubt that smooth client communication is the key to achieving success in the business world. If you work with overseas clients, frequent business trips will increase your travel expenses. From arranging flight tickets and booking the accommodation in boutique hotels to spending on food, your travel cost affect your profits like anything. 
However, you can save all that money by using Skype to communicate with your clients. 

And it’s not only about scaling down the cost, but it also helps in enhancing productivity.


A cloud-based team collaboration platform, Slack is one of the best workflow improvement tools available in the market. Created by Slack Technologies, the popularity of Slack is surging continuously. It empowers your teams by giving them that much-needed power as well as alignment that helps them unlock their true potential. 

It not only allows you to collaborate with your teams and teammates working from different offices, but it’s also useful for collaborating with your overseas clients. It guarantees efficient teamwork for businesses of all sizes. So in case if you haven’t been using it until now, perhaps its time to embrace it. 


Want to get down to the nitty-gritty to manage your project effectively and efficiently? If the answer to this question is yes, then you must start using Trello from now on. A web-based list-making application, Trello is not only user-friendly, but it’s also unbelievably flexible. And the icing on the cake is it’s free. It’s a fabulous tool for tracking your project developments. You can use its boards, lists, and cards to streamline your workflow. 

You can use it on any device, including your mobile phone, to stay connected with your team. Whether you are traveling in your car or you are standing in a queue for paying your bill in the supermarket, you can use it to collaborate with your team. 


An online project management platform; Smartsheet plays a significant role in enhancing project management and offers an environment for task collaboration. Packed with intuitive features such as Kaban view, file sharing, and Gantt charts, etc., Smartsheet redefines the way you collaborate with your teams. Its user-friendly interface and work automation features are increasing its demand both among startups and established companies. 

An award-winning business app; Smartsheet is not only easy to use and collaborative, but it’s also highly flexible. It’s not only a time and money saver but also speeds up your decision-making skills. So if you are looking forward to managing your work the way you want, use Smartsheet. 


If you are searching for a workflow management tool that offers excellent visibility and tremendous productivity, look no further than Backlog. It comes with project management, bug tracking, task management, and version control features. An excellent tool for developers, Backlog helps in prioritizing work within a project.

You can collaborate with your designers, developers, QA team, sales and marketing teams, clients, and other significant parties involved in the project.

Apart from the above tools, you can also use Decisions, Formstack, Metatask, Favro, VersionOne, etc., to improve your workflow. 

To conclude, improving workflow management is the key to success, but not every business owner out there understands its significance. If you are also one among them, perhaps it’s time to make a little adjustment in the way you think.