Revolutionizing Ticket Resale: Tixstock’s Transformation With Advanced Web Solutions And Global Integration

Name of the client : Adam Ramsden

Tixstock is a Switzerland-based service provider company aiming to provide a single place for ticketing brokers/resellers to list their tickets and publish them on multiple popular ticketing reselling platforms. Tixstock has data on all popular events across Europe and has a huge inventory of tickets for these events. Tixstock also provides their events/tickets/venues/performers inventory to partners so that partners can show Tixstock events/tickets to their website for sale, providing the sellers with more platforms for their ticketing inventory to sell. Tixstock has also collaborated with Ticket Evolution (a US-based leading B2B exchange for industry professionals to buy and sell live US event tickets) so that Tixstock has inventory for US events, as well as providing the ticket buyers/brokers to buy US event tickets from Tixstock.  Tixstock has a ticketing inventory for a wide variety of events, such as sports, music, culture, theatre, and arts.

Website Development and MaintenanceAWS ( Hosting / RDS / SES / S3 )LaravelMySQLPayments APIs(Stripe/Moneycorp)Pusher (Real time notifications)


Code Shifting With New Requirements

The old Tixstock system was built with Phalcon (a PHP framework) with old UI and UX. So, with the new reskin system, which is now built in Laravel as the backend, we faced difficulties in shifting the code from Phalcon to Laravel, along with new features in existing core functionalities.

Search And Space Issues

The old system was not having faster search of events/data, it was having old style DB search and was storing the tickets in the database itself resulting in database size increasing rapidly that ultimately lead to slower retrieval of data from db and extra space on server.

Money Transfer And Payments

Old system did not have any money transfer/payments collection from marketplaces and payments release to resellers mechanism so it was all manual process.

Parallel New Development And Old Site Maintenance

We had to keep new development/requirements and code transfer from old site to new reskin site and maintenance of old live system together.


Faster Search And Storage Solution
  • We implemented algolia apis for faster user search experience and minimize the server calls. Also implemented AWS storage for storing the uploaded ticket files and other files on the system hence faster retrieval and less space occupied on server/database.
Payments Solution
  • We implemented a new payments solution named Tx Pay via Moneycorp APIs for implementing wallet mechanism in the new system along with scripts to automate the manual processing of the money transfers and seller payments reducing the work of Tixstock accounting team. Also implemented stripe for card payments/purchases.
Tx Trade
  • We have provided a new sub platform inside a new reskin system from which brokers/sellers on our system can internally buy tickets from other brokers enabling the increased sale for brokers which ultimately results in the increased profit for the system.
Fixed The Legacy Issues
  • We have fixed many of the legacy issues which were there in the old system hence providing better user experience. Old system had limited email notifications, we in the new system introduced a lot of new email triggers and notifications to keep the seller/admin notified of the various activities happening in the system.
Speed Optimizations
  • We have optimized code a lot. Old site was having speed issues especially when admin logs in and visits few data intensive pages, so in the new system we have optimized code and implemented reusability of the code for better user experience.
Better User Experience
  • In the old system, sellers had to create an account with each marketplace for their inventory to show on that particular marketplace. But with our new partner solution, sellers don’t have to do this. All they need to do is to have just a Tixstock seller account. Moreover more partners are joining the Tixstock results in the more market space to tixstock’s ticketing inventory.


Increased Sale

Since the launch of the new system and Tx Trade platform, sales have increased on the system and hence Tixstock’s revenue.

Team Of The Year

Tixstock was awarded Zealousweb’s Team of the Year in the year 2023.

Global Market Reach

With collaboration with Ticket Evolution (US based ticketing inventory), Tixstock now has access to US based events so one can now also purchase US event’s tickets from Tixstock inventory.

Tixstock home page
Tixstock home page
Tixstock home page

Working with ZealousWeb to revamp Tixstock has been an extraordinary journey. Their expertise in transitioning our platform from Phalcon to Laravel, coupled with the implementation of innovative features like Algolia for fast search and AWS for efficient storage, has vastly improved our system’s performance. The introduction of Tx Pay and Stripe for streamlined payment processing has revolutionized our operations, drastically reducing manual effort. The development of the Tx Trade platform has significantly boosted sales and, consequently, our revenue. We’ve also expanded our reach into the US market, thanks to our collaboration with Ticket Evolution. ZealousWeb’s efforts in enhancing user experience and relieving legacy issues have not only made our system more user-friendly but also resulted in Tixstock being awarded ‘Team of the Year’ in 2023. Their dedication, technical prowess, and innovative solutions have been pivotal in transforming Tixstock into a more efficient, global platform.

Adam Ramsden, Tixstock
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