If you are a successful businessperson, you probably know what customer satisfaction and experience can do to the business. If the customer leaves your store happily, they are tending to come back and they spread a good word for your business. Such, is also the case with online shopping. However, what I feel and many of you might agree with me when I say that online business is more difficult than in-store business.

The reason I said the above sentence is because, at an online or e-commerce store, you do not have any personal touch to give to your customers. The product has to sell itself. There is no sales person or any extra help to answer the questions of the customer. Therefore, it is very vital that your e-commerce store design is such that, it sells the product itself. Now when it comes to e-commerce store, the first impression is everything. If the user lands on your page and if the page is not appealing, you are doomed. Thus, it makes the designing of e-commerce website very vital.

To make your job easier, below mentioned are the tips you can follow or tell your designers to follow when they crate the website:-

Design a clean and clear interface

  • When it comes to online, shipping, visual appearance is everything. If the appearance of the website is not clear, the user will not even bother to click any further. Therefore, to design any e-commerce website, clean and clear interface is very vital.
  • Such user-friendly interface will help the user to have a good shopping and navigating experience and such experience will bring them back to your website.


Choose the right service provider

  • With right service provider, I mean the web hosting service provider. It is not like, that e-commerce hosting have separate serves of hosting terminology, but such serves that have almost zero(0), downtime. Who are fast, reliable and easy to reach.
  • A small internet search can be very crucial while selecting a service provider. The reason it is very important is because, you are hosting an e-commerce website. What if the user is in middle of a checkout and the server went down? Or the site got stuck. The user will never ever come back any other buy, and when there is money involved, especially of the user, never take any chances.

Speedy Website

  • If the landing page of the website is fast, it has more chance of having a good user base. A website that takes a while to load have very high bounce rate.
  • So, make sure that the website is easy to use, fast and have easy check out process as well. No customer wants to fill long forms and reviews. Better, keep it salient.


Call to Action & Color Scheme

  • Eye catching buttons is what appeals to the customers, than simple buttons. So, place eye-catching call to action buttons that can take the customer to new pages or products. It is also, vital to make sure that the CTA buttons are not too many. Simple and effective.
  • Everyone knows the importance of colors. It triggers emotions and colors play a very vital role in the website or for the products that are in display. Therefore, when displaying any product, make sure the color is appealing to the customer and so is the website color scheme. Red colors for sale or green color or clearance are the standard ones.

Effective Advertisement

  • If you want to advertise any other product while the customer is shopping or want to display any external product all together, make sure to keep it salient. Displaying other products is one of the best benefits of e-commerce website.
  • Therefore, it is very vital to design an effective advertisement in such a way that the user can view it but not get annoyed by it or be any hindrance in the shopping experience.

The below showed image is the perfect example of effective CTA, Color scheme & Effective advertisement


Sign-up & Breadcrumbs

  • Stick to simple registration process. Do not ask the user about the past life interests and future aspects. Just simple email and other contact details can seal the deal.
  • In addition, the breadcrumbs are very vital as it helps the user to understand where they are on the website or were they are in the check out process. It is just for better user experience and easy navigation for the user.


Competitive Pricing

  • We all know that all users are looking for a good product at reasonable price and after all that is what makes the business a success. It is better to sell many products at reasonable price, rather than selling it at baseless high prices and looking the customer forever.
  • Let the customers know that you offer good prices compared to others in market. In addition, why you offer items at such price. Why your site offers the best deal and price in the market and no other does. Better yet, show a comparison chart.



  • The maintained of any e-commerce website is vital as any visited can come anytime for any sort of purchase. As mentioned above if the site goes down or the products are not listed or any other error can result into bad reputation and it is not what is required in online venture. Some hire a freelancer tester or any firm that specials in such testing. Keep it running.

Therefore, my personal advice to all the businessperson who wants to start an online venture, please hire the help of professionals and invest more money in designing, as it is the designing of the website that will generate the profits. No matter if, you sell the best product in market, but if your website were not appealing, you would not even reach the audience.

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