ZealousWeb 19th Anniversary

19th Anniversary By The Lake: ZealousWeb’s Udaipur Celebration

November 05, 2022

On the occasion of its 19th Anniversary, ZealousWeb decided to orchestrate an exquisite escape, choosing the breathtaking city of lakes, Udaipur, as the perfect backdrop for this celebration.


Jindoli, near Rama VillageUdaipur 313202

Upon our arrival at the majestic “The Maharana Bagh Luxury Resort” in the early afternoon, we were welcomed with the highest form of hospitality, a testament to the resort staff’s commitment to excellence. The resort, with its opulent ambiance and sprawling landscapes, offered us an unparalleled luxury stay experience.

The expansive resort grounds became a playground for exploration and rejuvenation. From invigorating hikes to friendly competitions (even the ladies took up a spirited game of cricket!), the atmosphere buzzed with playful energy. while others reveled in the joy of a pool party, a refreshing way to rejuvenate.

Our culinary journey at the resort was marked by delectable lunches that tantalized our taste buds. The evenings were punctuated with laughter and many selfies, capturing moments of sheer joy. A sumptuous buffet dinner set the stage for a night of unfettered merriment, our hotel rooms echoing with the sounds of laughter and the animated plays of Uno cards, the highlight of our nocturnal festivities.

Event Highlight

  • 19th Anniversary: ZealousWeb celebrated its 19th Anniversary with a rejuvenating trip to Udaipur, embracing a break from routine as essential therapy.
  • Luxury Stay: The team stayed at “The Maharana Bagh Luxury Resort,” experiencing unparalleled hospitality and luxury.
  • Activities And Fun: The resort offered many activities for team rejuvenation, from hiking and cricket to pool parties.
  • Culinary Journey: Meals ranged from delicious lunches to lavish buffet dinners, each a culinary delight.
  • Evening Merriment: Nights were filled with laughter, selfies, and games, highlighting the festivity.
  • Homeward Bound: The return to Ahmedabad included a comfortable journey with games, ensuring continuous engagement and joy.
  • Renewed Energy: Concluding the trip, the team returned refreshed and recharged with lasting memories.

The ensuing morning, after indulging in an authentic, lavish breakfast, we prepared for our journey back to Ahmedabad, a day-long expedition that promised its own set of memorable moments. Along the way, we were treated to lunch and tea/coffee refreshments, ensuring comfort and satisfaction. The journey was enlivened with games, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective joy among us.

Rejuvenated and charged with new energy, we concluded our 19th Anniversary trip, a journey that was not just a pause from routine but a celebration of unity, joy, and unforgettable memories that will be cherished by all Zealousians for years to come.

Image Gallery

Group photo with Mr. Kandarp Bhatt
The Maharana Bagh Resort Udaipur
Lunch at resort
Zealousian playing cricket
Seniors enjoying their time
People happily posing
Selfie time