In this fast-paced world, we often forget to take a back seat and make time for ourselves. Everyone around us is task-oriented and running to meet the miser deadline. So while we are hustling, there comes an innocent little thought about the existence of robots. What if there was someone who could manage one of your dual tasks, Home or Work.

The existence of robots for the completion of your tasks seems like avant-garde, but it’s far from being implemented. Right now, we live in a world of Internet-Of-Things. Various devices can perform multiple tasks at the same time due to this marvel. Alexa and Google Home are some of the best devices using which you can automate your life very easily.

Making Life Easier & Enjoyable With The Use Of Alexa & Google Home

Alexa and GoogleHome perform an immense role in making people’s lives easier while cooking, setting up reminders, watching TV shows, changing channels on smart TVs, calling, and sending messages.

Before going to bed, you can set an alarm by reciting a single phrase. While working with other tasks, if you have set a reminder/timer on Alexa or Google Home, then they will always remind you for that without fail; kind of like the hen that crows in the morning as soon as dawn breaks.

With the use of Alexa or Google Home, multitasking can be easier without the wastage of time. For example, while cooking, if you want to talk with your loved ones, then you can easily call them and talk without taking a break.

Alexa and GoogleHome work as smart speakers. You can listen to your favorite songs any time, whether it is while enjoying a party with your friends, or staying home in solitude.

Retrieving Answers & Information Instantly Just With Single Voice Commands

There are multiple sources to gather the information you need. You can do that by either reading books, asking your friends, listening to the news, or searching on the internet. The simplest way to get any information in mere seconds is by Alexa or Google Home. Alexa has a built-in weather functionality that provides your local weather or weather for any specific location you ask. Other third-party weather skills can provide more detailed information, such as what to wear based on the current climate. If you want to plan a trip, you can also get future weather forecasting.

These devices are very useful for children; they can ask multiple questions to devices, and they will get answers instantaneously. It helps to provide automatic math computations and measurement conversions.

Role of Alexa & Google Home In Automation Using IoT

In recent years, the domain of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) has seen significant investments made by the research community and the industry. Specifically, the smart home space is in prime focus with the introduction of devices such as Alexa and Google Home. These devices will allow you to automate various aspects of your home.

Home automation targets a wide array of mobile applications for the new digital consumer. Nowadays, mobile applications related to home automation are trending in the market. Mobile Applications based on IoT are performing a very significant role to perform automation using Alexa & Google Home.

Your smart speakers can connect to the Nest, or other smart thermostats, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home just by making a verbal request. The Echo and Home can control special light bulbs and switches to allow you to adjust your home lighting and control appliances such as the coffee pot and other electronics.

Integration of Alexa & Google Home For Your Mobile Application

There are numerous features of Alexa & Google Home to make our lives a cake-walk. It gives us an additional amount of easiness if the integration of developed mobile applications takes place with Alexa and Google-Home.

Today’s tech-centric users expect that the IoT devices (and its companion app) must be fully compatible with smart home devices. Full integration allows the user to issue verbal commands to the virtual assistant.

If you have ideas for new IoT devices, then you will need an app developer who can develop user-friendly applications based on your vision. But if your user is going to enjoy the maximum benefit from the device and its accompanying app, you’ll need to ensure full compatibility with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. For example, if you have a mobile application, using which you can book a table in the restaurant from the application. A developer can integrate that concept with Alexa / Google home, and it can be very useful for the users to book a table simultaneously doing any other task.

There are various Mobile Applications services for which you can create Alexa skill or google home action. You can book a car with Alexa skill / google home action while getting ready. While cooking, if any ingredient is missing, then you can add it to the shopping list. You can get your favorite food at your door while taking a rest.

The need to develop Alexa skill and Google home action is increasing day by day with Mobile Application Development. It will add extra benefit for Mobile Application Development companies if mobile application developers are having skills to develop Alexa skill & google home actions.