ZealousWeb announces the partnership with Netisse to enhance the customer experience in France.

Ahmedabad, India – (August 16, 2019) – After working for more than 9 months, Netisse and ZealousWeb have chosen to enter into a strategic partnership. Leaders of ZealousWeb and Netisse have met in June 2019 to officially announce the alliance.

Both partners are excited about the potential benefits they will get from this new partnership for the ZealousWeb and Netisse future clients’ across France. Having a robust portfolio of Web Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, and Consulting services, ZealousWeb will work closely with Netisse to help businesses across various industries while giving the best user experience. 

“ZealousWeb has a deep knowledge and expertise in Web Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing & Consulting services, which should prove to be notably worthy for our current and future clients,” said Zakia Marrakchi, Director, Netisse, “This partnership aligns with our strategy on many aspects and can help provide our mutual clients with more comprehensive insight to make more enlightened decisions across the industry.”

Through this dynamic partnership, clients will be able to interactively explore the range of services that fit their requirements. For organizations in real-time businesses, leading from stage one processes to lean and cooperative ventures benefits to reduce development deadlines. For the French market, the alliance between ZealousWeb and Netisse will allow the easy exchange of experience.

Commenting about the alliance Kandarp, CEO & Founder of ZealousWeb, says: “Clients across France can now take the box seat of the expertise and integrity and will be able to offer small businesses the best Web Development, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing & Consulting services into the market. With Netisse’s powerful and strong market presence, they will help make the experience completely seamless.”

ZealousWeb and Netisse would bring tremendous value addition to clients in France. Their goal is to promote services and improve client trust, loyalty, user experience, easy meetups, enhance revenue, and reduce costs. This partnership is very inspiring for both organizations. 

About ZealousWeb

ZealousWeb is a leading IT professional services company, providing a broad range of end-to-end services starting from conception to completion of Design, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Microsoft Solutions, Digital Marketing and Consulting; and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, and technology. Combining the unmatched experience of serving clients in 64 countries and specialized skills across 14 industries and all business functions – ZealousWeb has a well-established track record with great customer satisfaction. Visit us at www.zealousweb.com

About Netisse

Founded in 2003, Netisse is a consulting agency offering expertise on all-digital solutions. The team will accompany you in all phases of your projects and make you benefit from a personalized offer. The premises of the agency are located in Paris and Tunis. Netisse works for clients in Europe, Africa, Canada. Visit us at www.netisse.fr