What Is The JavaScript Framework Library?

JavaScript Framework is an application structure created in JavaScript and can help to code for your web application, but it forces you to code in a particular way. There may be a few limitations and boundaries with the framework because all web development frameworks have their own rules and guidelines.

JavaScript Library is a bunch of functions that are called using your parent code to fulfill specific requirements. Every library has its own benefits. Like, one of the benefits of using ReactJS is to make the user interface faster and interactive.

A framework is like a prebuilt home where you have to set your furniture considering the space available in every room. Furniture like chairs, tables, etc., are like libraries because it depends on the owner (developer, in this case) whether they want to use it or not, even if they are lying around in your house. It is not possible to employ every piece of furniture in your home. Some may remain unused for days.

Benefits Of JavaScript Frameworks

  • Predefined Functions
    Frameworks have predefined functions that decrease the developer’s efforts to code everything.
  • Component-Based Structure And Design
    Component-based code structure increases the reusability of the code. Also, it provides a proper model to understand the structure and behavior of the content.
  • Built-in Templating System
    Most of the modern frameworks have their templating system that has a clean & proper format and shows faster performance.

Benefits Of JavaScript Libraries

  • Easy To Understand
  • Small And Efficient
  • Expandable

What Is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed for UI designing. It was introduced by Facebook, back in the year 2011. It has a component-based architecture, and it is very useful to build a reusable, dynamic, and interactive user interface. React is the beautifier of the view layer of the application. React binds the view using components, and each component will manage their states.

Virtual-Dom is the main feature of ReactJS. It enhances the performance of the react web app development when compared to the other JavaScript web application development frameworks or libraries. When compared to Angular, ReactJS has only one-way data binding. ReactJS works smartly by making two copies of the Virtual-Dom (Original and Updated with Changes) every time. To make faster execution of the view layer, ReactJS compares the original copy and the updated copy of the Virtual-Dom when any change occurs. It changes only that portion of the Dom, which should be changed. So this feature makes React fast in performance.

Why Choose ReactJS?

Among the currently existing JavaScript frameworks and libraries, the performance of the React is phenomenal and swift. It is also very easy and comprehensible by developers. It has a community of millions of developers from various parts of the world. Some of the big and popular brands have entrusted ReactJS for building their website like Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Flipboard, Netflix, Tesla, etc. React allows easy integration of its components into your existing code. It helps to implement creative UI for your enterprise application development. React is prevented from the XSS attacks because of the JSX. Using the JSX, developers pass the function as event handler instead of a string, and string can contain all the malicious code which can produce XSS attacks.

Benefits Of ReactJS

  • Easy To Learn
    React is a very easy language to learn for those developers who have a good grip on JavaScript.
  • Easier Scripting
    React offers JSX (syntax extension). It makes scripting very easy and debugging very simple.
  • Reusability
    React has a component-based structure, and component allows reusability.
  • VirtualDom
    VirtualDom is the key feature of ReactJS development services. It works as a booster for your website view.

ReactJS Statistics: Popularity, Community, Usage

  • One of the most popular libraries on Github is React. It has around 1369 Contributors and 146K Stars.
  • According to BuiltWith trends, 15,54,860 websites (Live and Historical) were using React.
  • According to a survey by StackOverflow 2019, React is the most loved and wanted among all other frameworks/libraries.

ReactJS Statistics: Popularity, Community, & Usage

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Our Experience On ReactJS Over Angular

When we talk about ReactJS or Angular, we must know the difference between library and framework of JavaScript or any other language because ReactJS is a JavaScript library, and Angular is a JavaScript framework. A framework is a predefined structure to code for your application, whereas a library offers a function that can be used by your parent code of any project/application. Some of the JavaScript frameworks follow the MVC (Model – View – Controller) structure to improve the quality and maintainability of code.

Angular provides a structure to code your dynamic web application. One of the best features of Angular is the two-way data-binding method (state of the model will change when any change is made), and its efficiency. There is one disadvantage of this language that its code length increases, consequentially increasing the project completion time.

Using React, developers can solve their speed performance issues and also make interactive user interfaces. Due to the component-based structure, it is very easy to work with ReactJS. It is a technique to store multiple copies of Virtual-Dom makes React faster than Angular’s two-way binding method.

We have developed many applications using ReactJS and Angular, but nowadays, React is more popular than Angular. As a web development company, we can say that React is a faster and more powerful library to make your website’s user interface more interactive. ReactJS has more unique features compared to Angular. We can easily implement React to our existing website code, whereas Angular can’t be implemented directly to the existing code. In Angular, we have to code everything from scratch in a particular way of the Angular.

Advanced Level Benefits For Developer

React Native: It is a platform to build hybrid mobile apps. If you have a good amount of knowledge of ReactJS, it will help to learn ReactNative. Both technologies are introduced by Facebook.

GraphQL: It is a language that enables data communication between the client and the server. It is an alternative method of RESTful API. If you like to explore new techniques to call an API using GraphQL, then you can do it via the RelayJS/AppolloJS library which is built on ReactJS.

PWA: It stands for Progressive Web Apps. If your application is built in ReactJS, it is easy to convert your web APP into PWA.


It’s clear why ReactJS is best among other JS frameworks and libraries. There are lots of features and advantages of ReactJS to build a brand new web application. It is clearly a win-win situation for both sides i.e. 1) clients – who want to build a new web application and 2) developers – who will develop web apps using the power of ReactJS.

So, if you are looking for a well-experienced ReactJS developers, we can help you to build a high scaled Web Application for your business.