WordPress is considered to be the best choice for developers and business owners who want to increase sales of a particular product on the web. It is a very easy-to-use platform with a wealth of features that can attract and manage the attention of many webmasters worldwide.

Let’s go to plugins. We make WordPress more accessible and more convenient. A WordPress plugin is software that can extend your WordPress site’s functionality to the next level. One of these plugins is the “Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro”.

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro

ZealousWeb’s Authorize.NET payment using Contact Form 7 Pro plugin makes the end-user experience seamless and unbranded. There are no third-party redirects to the website, and users enter their information directly into Contact Form 7 Pro.

Oops… the conclusion has been disclosed! But wait… there’s a lot to learn more about this plugin. Let’s find out now.

What Is Authorize.NET?

Founded by Jeff Knowles in 1996, Authorize.NET is a payment gateway provider that enables businesses to accept online payments from their customers using credit cards, debit cards, and other similar options.

Unlike Stripe, Authorize.NET is just a payment gateway, not an all-in-one solution. Authorize.NET connects with various third parties to add this functionality if you also need a merchant account and payment processor.

Authorize.NET Services

Online Payment

Like Stripe, Authorize.net’s leading payment platform makes it easy to accept payments online using credit cards and other payment options. It has a full suite of developer tools, so you can configure settings that work for your business.

Mobile Credit Card Reader

This product allows you to accept payments by turning your phone or tablet into a mobile POS system. Download the app and connect the card reader to your smartphone’s headphone jack. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use.

Mobile Payment

This product helps businesses accept payments from their customers using mobile phones. Secure card storage makes the checkout experience for repeat users streamlined and easy.

E-check Payment

This product can receive your e-check online, by mail, or in person. Perfect for recurring payments, bill payments, and donations.

Payment By Phone

You can save a lot of time by readily accepting phone payments by bulk uploading multiple transactions. All customer transactions are kept secure.

Monthly Billing

Like Stripe, Authorize.net has a billing service that helps businesses save time manually billing their customers. You can set the billing cycle and adjust the test duration and price as needed.

What Is ‘Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro’ Plugin?

ZealousWeb’s “Accept Authorize.NET Payment Gateway Using Contact Form 7 Pro” is a WordPress plugin that integrates a payment gateway into Contact Form 7 It simplifies the payment process as it is ideal for users facing fee-related issues. You can also accept credit card payments directly from your customers.

The new Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro is a great way to receive payments securely. This plugin has so many benefits that it has already been downloaded 2383 times. No wonder.

Key Takeaways

  • Safe & Secure payment option
  • You can Create multiple payment forms using Contact Form 7.
  • Supports various formats on a single post or page.
  • You can enable Test API Mode to ensure the proper functioning of the payment transactions.
  • You can view Authorize.Net payment data details on the Admin side.

How Does Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro Help?

There are seven famous WordPress fee gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, & many others. Authorize.NET is one of them.

Authorize.NET is an up-and-coming payment gateway attaining the heights of PayPal and Stripe with every passing day. It is a well-mounted credit card payment platform that handles transactions on your website without you having to do anything.

Authorize.NET works with credit cards and would not require an account, just like PayPal. It is a quick and stable payment gateway that allows you to accept payment on your WordPress website. You can accept Authorize.net payments using contact form 7 using Zealousweb’s paid WordPress payment plugin.

The ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro’ plugin works seamlessly. Once the consumer has submitted their contact form, the payment checkout form is displayed earlier than them, allowing them to make brief and stable transactions. Leveraging the ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro’ plugin can assist your websites in generating sales quickly.

This Add-on by ZealousWeb Technologies allows you to make one-time payments because no-recurring payment is available. ZealousWeb’s technical group provides help for integrating the ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro’ plugin within 30 days from the date of the purchase, which includes all public vacations and weekends.

Features Of Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro

This plugin has some great features, like a comic book hero with the best qualities. Let’s dig into it and understand how useful it can be for developers and businesses.

Currency Variants

Not one, Not two, Not three… you can receive payments in a total of 25 different currencies. It not only helps you conduct secure transactions, but it also allows you to expand your business globally.

Multiple Payment Forms

Few plugins exceed the limit and can only provide one contact form. Accept Authorize.NET Payment Using Contact Form 7 Pro allows you to create multiple contact forms. Now, you can create a contact form according to your requirements & more than one.

Multiple Forms On One Page

As mentioned in the point above, you are free to create multiple forms. However, including these multiple forms in one post or page positively complements the Accept Authorize.NET Payment Using Contact Form 7 Pro feature.

Accept values ​​from all fields

Accepting Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro allows you to receive values ​​from all input fields, including drop-down menus, text fields, hidden fields, radio buttons, and more.

Accept Dynamic Values

Accepts dynamic values ​​for front-end parameters such as product description, quantity, email, customer details, etc. This step is beneficial for your business and sales.

Test API mode

A payment transaction will succeed only if it works properly. Authorizing Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro enables test API mode to ensure the proper functioning of the payment transactions.

View More Data Entries

The free version of Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro allows you to view payment transactions with up to 10 entries in your admin panel. The paid version gives access to all the entries. Track your transactions and get information whenever you need it.

Payment Data Details

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro allows you to view your Authorize.Net payment details on the Admin page. It not only gives you data but also enables you to analyze the details of your payment data from your admin panel.

Export Data To CSV

Getting the details of your payment data is good, but accessing the export data to CSV is the best feature of Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro. CSV files are easy to create, read, and write. Therefore, it provides business owners a convenient way to work with these files in various ways.

Search And Filter

In addition to payment details, there is an additional tab for searching and filtering payment details entries. You can search & filter data according to your preferences. This option is provided on the admin page.

View/Delete Payment Details

Generally, the payment details may not be relevant but should be kept as there is no way to remove them. Accept Authorize.NET allows the admin side to explore payment data or even delete the data.

Payment Confirmation Email

When it comes to payment, confirmation is essential. For Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro, separate emails are sent to customers and admins after Authorize.net payment transactions.

Personalized Email Content

A great feature of this plugin is the ability to customize your email content for your target audience. An email will be sent to the customer and admin after the transaction.

Redirect To The Post-Transaction Page

In Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7, You can add the ‘Success Return URL’ and ‘Cancel Return URL’ pages to redirect after the payment transaction.

Provide Shortcodes

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro provides an Authorization Details shortcode to display the transaction ID, amount including currency, and transaction status after the transaction.

How To Configure Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro?

Setting up this plugin is very easy. Just follow the simple steps given:

  • From your site’s dashboard, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
  • Select the Upload option and hit “Choose File.”
  • When the popup appears, select the contact-form-7-authorize-net-addon.zip file from your desktop.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait till the upload completes.
  • When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will display confirming activation was successful.

Here you go! Configure your settings how you see fit, and you’re ready to create forms on Authorize.net Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro.

Anything you don’t understand about Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro? Don’t worry. The team at Zealousweb and its excellent resources are here to help.

Final Words!

WordPress development is growing, with a staggering number of users going to websites to sell their business online. Along with this helpful plugin, ZealousWeb has 22 WordPress plugins to simplify your business. We also provide custom WordPress extension development and WordPress theme design services to achieve your eCommerce goals.

ZealousWeb Technologies is a leading provider of WordPress, Craft CMS, Expression Engine add-ons, and Magento 2 extensions. Our WordPress plugin is designed to optimize the functionality of your WordPress website. A WordPress plugin makes accepting Contact Form 7 payments from your website accessible, even if it’s not an eCommerce site. You can now accept donations, invoices, or other payments using our trusted WordPress payment plugin.

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