What Does Magento 1 EOL Support Mean?

Magento 1 EOL support doesn’t mean that your Magento 1 websites will be down after June 2020, which has come to pass. The meaning to EOL support is that all your Magento 1 websites are not being updated with security patches, some other PCI compliance, and many things that are required for websites to be updated, possibly to be hacked due to DDoS attack.

When you consult any Magento development company, they’ll probably suggest you migrate to the latest version. We must migrate to a subsequent version of the software to avoid website lagging and slow speed. In worse cases, the website might just crash if we continue to operate in an older version. In fact, an eCommerce website must be kept updated since it receives more traffic than any other website.

Magento 1 websites will work until the longest time, but before it stops our business day-to-day, we need to take further steps and think twice about what is right for our website. If you remain on the Magento 1 website until your site migrates fully, there are many EOL action plans available in the market, but they all are paid services. You can always get in touch with a Magento development company to help you out with the required information.

We will see in further detail what impacts are there when Magento 1 EOL and how many ways we can migrate Magento 1 to other platforms?

What Affects The Most When Considering Magento 1 Eol?

There are many reasons that we can take into consideration with Magento 1 EOL supports. Following are the reasons:

1. Security Patch Or Updates

You are no longer supported by any security updates for the Magento 1 websites. Your customer data is vulnerable to hacking, you may lose some other data, or it may be possible to stop working in the background process.

2. Payment Provider Not Supported

Some of the payment provider merchants couldn’t provide any support to Magento 1. It means the Magento 1 site is without the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), which is risky to any of the Magento 1 websites as customers are using their secure data through payment. This is the most serious problem as you know checkout is the central part of any eCommerce platform, so if that stopped, you might lose customers or your daily sales.

3. Third-Party Extensions

Those Magento 1 websites rely on Third-party extensions that may stop suddenly or do not work as expected. As third-party extensions also get updated with the website’s day-to-day. You will see your website is broken and stopped being functional properly.

What Are The Ways To Change Magento 1 Or Switch To Other Platforms?

Suppose you think about switching your Magento 1 to other platforms. You have so many options to select based on your requirement. Let’s see one by one.

Migrate Magento 1 To Magento 2

Most of the Magento 1 website has been migrated successfully to Magento 2. We know that Magento has a different architecture, so we need to redesign the theme again and redevelop all the extensions in Magento 1. This is time-consuming, but yes, we can say that it is only a one-time investment. All those third-party extensions in Magento 1 are available in Magento 2, which will also include migration, and Of Course, if we are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we also have to migrate Sales, Catalogs, and Customers data to not loose in the new website.

Migrate Magento 1 To Other Ecommerce Platform

It is not necessary to migrate into Magento 2 only. You can choose any suitable eCommerce platform which you would like to have. Many eCommerce platforms are available in the market, like BigCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Zencart, Prestashop, and many more. Understand your business needs and your business sizes like small, medium, or large, and based on that, choose the best that suits your business.

Magento 1 With Safe Harbor Service Or Other Third-Party Services

If you still rely on Magento 1, then use some paid services that provide you security updates and patches for both the front and back end. One of the services is called Safe Harbor that is usually offered by Nexcess as this service is used to provide updates of any Magento 1 version that is required to be updated. If you have another domain, then ask them for such kind of service if they have one.

Final Takeaway

After seeing all these options, plan out the best way to deal with your Magento 1 Store. If you want some time to transition your store into Magento 2, use some paid services that make your Magento 1 store properly functional until the new store develops. In case you find some difficulty, you can always hire a Magento developer to help you out. It is not easy to re-platform the store easily as we may need to take care of all the data along with some other custom extension work and think about the right for the store to be rebuilt again that fits into one.

If you want some solution or want to rebuild your Magento 1 store into a new platform that can be any based on your requirement, then Zealousweb is here to help you out. Amongst other things, we’re a Magento development company that undertakes even the most difficult of tasks.