Wondering about the Net cash flow through your website? Who thought installing Contact Form 7 on your website was necessary to accept Authorize.Net payments? We succeeded, and now we’ll reveal the techniques that make receiving Authorize.Net payments simpler than placing a pizza order. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about this.

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 is a valuable add-on described in great detail in this blog post. Let’s now explore the discussion to learn more about this plugin:

Websites Using WordPress And Their Plugins

Today, WordPress has proven to be a remarkably flexible platform that can be used to build practically any type of website. The possibilities are unlimited with WordPress.

It is true! By enabling you to add new features, plugins can improve the functioning of your WordPress website. And with the appropriate plugins, you can even triple the opportunities.

WordPress is a platform that allows developers to personalize their coding. It functions similarly to mobile apps. Even the applications you install on your smartphone might be compared to the plugins.

As a result, the WordPress plugin API offers developers a wide range of filters and hooks that they can use to modify and significantly enhance the functionality of an existing WordPress website.

To find a variety of WordPress plugins, go to Plugins > Add new on your WordPress dashboard. You can now install any plugins that are appropriate for your specific needs.

If a specific plugin is not among the choices, you can also use the search box in the top right corner to look for it. Once you’ve discovered the ideal plugin, you must select Install. Please note that you must first activate the plugin to utilize it.

After learning more about WordPress plugins, it’s time to discuss payment gateways, their purpose, and how they operate in the part that follows:

What Are Payment Gateways and How Important Are They?

A service known as a payment gateway often serves as a channel for sending and receiving payments. It acts as a go-between for the payment processor, the customer, and your website and is the most convenient way to accept payments online.

Connecting to the processing servers is another benefit of using a payment gateway, particularly for standalone applications. You can even accept PayPal or credit card payments with its assistance.

The best aspect is that you don’t have to handle the processing yourself or keep any susceptible customer or credit card information on your website.

With a secure application and connection, payment gateway services manage every aspect of payment processing. And in exchange for a tiny commission taken from your account, they handle all of these aspects.

Many people still need to decide whether or not they require the use of a payment gateway. Don’t worry if you have similar questions; in this section, we’ll try to answer them by explaining the importance of payment gateways.

It should be noted that online payment processing takes place as a card-not-present transaction. It is hard to physically swipe the customer’s card on a POS terminal if you process the payment in a brick-and-mortar store, which is what most people usually do.

It is difficult to confirm that the customer’s card is their own these days. Therefore, you are limited to using the card details that the customer enters on the payment page. As a result, the risk of fraud is higher when a card is not physically present. Here, payment gateways play a role.

A payment gateway acts as a gatekeeper for the financial information of your customers. A payment gateway for online retailers relays information from you, the retailer, to the acquirer and the issuing bank via data encryption.

It successfully safeguards your data from any unwanted attacks as a result. Insufficient money, expired cards, exceeding card limits, and closed accounts are protected against fraud control and a payment gateway for merchants.

Contact Form 7 Plugin

One of the most widely used WordPress plugins with the ability to manage numerous contact forms is Contact Form 7. Not only that, but with its support, you may also customize the form along with mail contents, and that too in a flexible manner with the aid of a simple markup.

This plugin supports CAPTCHA, Ajax submission, Akismet spam screening, and other features. The fact that this Contact Form 7 plugin is significantly simpler to set up and integrate is its most vital feature. Additionally, you have the opportunity to modify this form however you like.

It is used with themes that feature built-in contact forms, but those forms need more high-level settings and customization.

What Are Contact Form 7’s Main Features?

Here are a few outstanding qualities of the WordPress contact form plugin that make it worthwhile to use them:

  • You may quickly customize this form to meet your specific needs.

  • Its integration and implementation procedures are straightforward.

  • With the simple push of a button, you can always get support.

Accept Authorize .NET Payments Using Contact Form 7

You can manage, customize, and create front-end forms for your website with the help of Contact Form 7. Due to Contact Form 7’s widespread use, many add-ons from third parties have been created.

One add-on created by ZealousWeb is Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7. The add-on enables users to quickly and conveniently accept payments using the Authorize.NET Payment gateway.

The Authorize.Net payment gateway and Contact Form 7 can be combined with ease. Therefore, you can use the new Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 to accept payments securely.

Anyone who faces payment-related challenges can rely on this plugin. You can even accept credit card payments directly from your customers with its assistance. Hence significantly decreasing the likelihood that you will arrive at a third-party payment page.

Given that it accepts all major credit and debit cards, Authorize.NET is an essential option for processing online payments. It takes international transactions from clients worldwide, another excellent feature of this. It also has sophisticated fraud protection capabilities.

Let’s now quickly examine how it functions. The users must first submit the contact form. They will next be presented with the payment checkout form, which they must complete to ensure safe and efficient transactions. As a result, the Contact Form 7 add-on Accept Authorize.NET Payments can help your website quickly bring in money.

Additionally, it gives you the choice of making a single payment. Keep in mind that it lacks the ability for recurring payments.

Within 30 days of your purchase, ZealousWeb’s technical staff will assist you if you need help integrating this add-on. So you won’t need to worry if you use ZealousWeb.

Essential Characteristics Of Contact Form 7’s Ability To Accept Authorize.NET Payments

  • Provides you with the choice to accept payments in 25 different currencies.

  • Handles several forms efficiently on a single page or post.

  • Gives you a choice to develop various payment forms using Contact Form 7.

  • Includes the option to CSV-export payment data from Contact Form 7.

  • Enables you to test API mode to verify that the payment transactions are processed correctly.

  • Allows you to alter the email’s content before it is delivered to the admin and customer after transactions.

  • After Authorize.net payment transactions, sends personalized emails to the administrator and customers.

  • Has a search function and filter choices, especially on the admin side.

  • This extension accepts a dynamic value from the front end for particular attributes like the item description, email, amount, quantity, and customer information.

  • You can use practically any input field, including radio buttons, hidden fields, text boxes, drop-down menus, etc., to enter values.

  • Individual emails are sent to the admin and customers following each Authorize.Net payment transaction.

  • The email delivered to the administrator and client following transactions can even have its content customized if you like.

  • You can consider including the “Cancel Return URL” and “Success Return URL” pages for redirecting after the payment process.

  • The Authorize.Net payment answer will be displayed in the email if an Authorize payment tag is attached to the content.

  • It provides a shortcode [authorize-details] enabling after-transaction disclosure of the transaction status, transaction ID, and amount in currency.

The Benefits

All websites that accept online payments will benefit significantly from the WordPress plugin “Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7.” Therefore, this specific plugin is the perfect option whether your WordPress website sells goods or involves money.

You can reach your business objectives by accepting online payments using plugins. You can utilize it as a website owner to incorporate online payments into any website you like.

We’ve mentioned a few of the several website categories that can profit from taking online payments with the aid of payment plugins below:

  • Charitable organizations’ websites.

  • Websites known as learning management systems, or LMS, sell online courses.

  • Websites with all of the services listed above and more.

How Should This Plugin Be Installed To Enjoy Its Benefits?

Installing this add-on manually is straightforward. You only need to complete these five steps to be ready to travel. Now, let’s examine what those steps are:

  1. Navigating to Plugins -> Add New from your website’s dashboard is the first and most crucial step.

  2. The next step is to select the Upload option and then touch “Choose File.”

  3. When the box appears, you must choose the contact-form-7-authorize-net-addon.zip file from your desktop.

  4. The following step should be spent checking the on-screen prompts while you wait for the upload to be completed.

  5. To complete the upload, consider enabling the plugin through the prompt. You will now get a notification stating that the activation was successful.

About ZealousWeb

ZealousWeb is one of the top providers of Magento 2 Extensions, Craft CMS Addons, Expression Engine Addons, and WordPress Addons. The WordPress plugins created by ZealousWeb’s skilled team of developers significantly streamline the functionality of your WordPress site.

You may quickly accept payments via a website using Contact Form 7 with ZealousWeb’s WordPress plugins. With the help of their trustworthy WordPress payment plugins, you may even collect payments for bills, donations, or other services.

You can contact them immediately to get the most significant help from their end if you have any questions about the add-ons or the installation process.

Wrapping Up!

After reading this in-depth blog post, you now understand how to use Contact Form 7 to accept Authorize.NET payments. I hope you learned something from this blog post. Any other comments? Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below.