With approximately 400 million users and counting, Linkedin has been emerging as the most leading social network for B2B markers & enterprises.

Facebook, Twitter and the rest are crowded and sometimes it becomes worthless when your efforts done on these platforms become unable to give proper results. Then LinkedIn emerged as a platform which helped many enterprises to boost their sales and enhance business engagement. It has become a destination for people to connect with peers and learn about different ways of industrial reach.


Driving digital traffic through social media platforms seems very easy tasks, but understanding the effective ways to enhance the business reach and personal brand are also important. Same is there with LinkedIn, if you are looking for an effective strategy, we are here to reveal the secrets of LinkedIn to boost traffic and enhance your business productivity.

According to the reports of Econsultancy, “LinkedIn has been becoming a platform responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.

On the other hand, different business studies say that the contribution of LinkedIn in business enhancement and public engagement & reach have been helping people and industries to get their project goals effectively.

  • According to the Linkedin Report, “ around 50% of companies have been acquiring and reaching B2C customers easily”.
  • Around 50% of LinkedIn members as companies and enterprises are becoming successful in managing their public engagement and retaining their potential audience.
  • 80% of connections over LinkedIn prefer to use the LinkedIn platform to connect with their expected target audience, companies and working professionals.
  • LinkedIn is also responsible for increasing business reach and professional visits from social media channels to business sites.
  • Through LinkedIn studies, it is proposed that LinkedIn is a leading and highly preferred professional platform, approximately 93% of business and working professionals are preferably used by B2B marketers for lead generation & business development.

Several other major points in this post are framed to funnel digital traffic through your LinkedIn profile starting from here.

Optimize Your Personal Profile

Is your LinkedIn profile 100% Complete? If not, complete your LinkedIn profile 100% first. Wondering why? Read on.

While you do add the professionals you already know or work with in your LinkedIn account, you mainly utilize it to connect with new professionals whom you don’t know or have never worked with in the past. To those new connections, your LinkedIn profile comes as a first impression of your business, rather I would say it acts as your extended business card.

 Optimize Your Personal Profile

If your new connections are thinking of working or hiring with you then they are bound to scan through your profile. And thus, it is essential to add all information about you and your company to complete your profile on the site.

  • Initially you have to understand and observe whether you have got the basic rights in your profile or not.
  • You should focus on a good headshot, a brief summary about your study and career background in order to introduce your professional portfolio, precise history of your work experience.
  • Never try to overlook these basic fundamentals.

If you review the above shown sample profile, you can clearly observe the importance of LinkedIn Profile Optimization. Here are a few considerable courtesy of Aaron Clayton Dann:

  • Focusing on a profile summary precisely that can explain your work & career profile clearly.
  • Trying to make your profile readable & easy for people to reach you via email or LinkedIn.

Now for that bit about driving traffic, pay attention to your profile. You can link to blog posts, ebooks and other digital media portfolios in your profile. Go to your profile and look for the summary section where you can add-on media such as blog posts there so that people view your profile and review it by clicking through to your profile summary.

Join Groups

Driving targeted and potential profiles can be another major step for you to enhance your business reach and personal brand. Joining or participating in any group can be the great way to do this. According to a recent study conducted by Forbes, “around 24% of fresher employees use LinkedIn for finding job opportunities, and 23% use it for peer networking. 77% of businesses use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates, compared to 54% advertising on Twitter and Facebook”

One of the golden strategies of content marketing & business development is that you cannot expect to get highly potential traffic on your platform without giving anything in return. In other words, over the LinkedIn platform, your connections expect values, knowledge and skill-set inspiration. The same is expected for LinkedIn, but it is recommended taking off your marketing hats to get started.

Step #1: Browse the directory or use the search bar to figure out the groups of your interest. Use the required filters to see targeted groups.

LinkedIn groups

Step #2: Next, read the regulations and LinkedIn algorithm! Most of the group are outlined how to prevent getting banned for self promotion.

Step #3: Self Introduction in any group is also important, usually, there is a pinned or fixed thread for introductions.

Now it’s time to start commenting, jump in to answer questions, offer assistance, provide guidance and congratulating connections. The goal of driving high level traffic cannot be guaranteed directly. You can drive your profile views which can enhance your profile traffic indirectly.

Strengthen Relationships

Certainly, sending a personalized message instead of a default one is a good way to begin with your new connection. However, it’s a fact that maintaining quality relationships with all contacts is more challenging than expanding your network. It becomes even more difficult if your contacts are in hundreds or thousands. Fortunately, LinkedIn has some great features that will keep you updated of changes in your connections and will notify you of new connections being made by them. Don’t leave any opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your connections.

LinkedIn Groups are great for building business relationships and communities, but there’s another hidden benefit that could help anyone to drive expected traffic. According to the Scott Van explanation in his post “How I Caught Copyblogger Sneaking into My Inbox” – When you subscribe to a LinkedIn group, unless you consciously decide to unsubscribe from email notifications, you can get the rapid effective emails from LinkedIn triggered by activity inside the group.

To strengthen your business relationship using the LinkedIn platform, it is necessary to understand how active your group is, so that emails arrive daily or on a weekly basis. They first link to the discussion then users can click through the full reading on your site. The perfect strategy is to increase business reach without sending any emails.

LinkedIn does it for you by enhancing marketing efforts and public engagement. On the other word, LinkedIn encourages readers to discuss and share their views on comment sections directly. It helps you and other readers to get the right message and direction out of it.


LinkedIn can prove to be a great Internet marketing and advertising arsenal for your business. It can also prove to be a great aid in building new contacts and expanding your business. All you need to ensure is continue doing the good work and stay active, the time and attention you pour into it is worth doing!