Ahmedabad, India – (June 18, 2021) As the second wave of Covid-19 subsides in India, and the country returns to normalcy slowly, ZealousWeb Technologies advances its learning and development efforts to improve team competency, skills, and knowledge. Talk about WordPress and Craft developers, the Magento team, or those working on ExpressionEngine projects; everyone is trying their hands on something new they haven’t engaged in before.


“Our developers are going deeper into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science technologies with each passing day. We know that businesses are looking forward to accessing intelligent digital products and solutions to meet their ongoing business needs. And we are aggressively working towards that direction,” said Dr Keyur Dave, COO of ZealousWeb Technologies.

“At present, our priority is to put maximum effort into exploring progressive technologies that hold the potential to transform the face of the world. Our team members take out time regularly from their busy schedules to train those who need more guidance,” he added.

Apart from the delivery team, teams working in other departments such as Digital Marketing, Sales, and Talent Acquisition also advance towards learning cutting-edge tools and techniques. The company is also focusing intensively on hiring fresh talent. In the last month, the company has added several brilliant minds to its team to improve efficiency and welcome out-of-the-box ideas.

About ZealousWeb

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