The survival of your business depends on sales, and in current times, increasing sales requires an impactful digital presence. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales were calculated at around 5.2 Trillion U.S dollars worldwide. This figure is believed to grow by 56% over the following years, reaching approximately 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. You must have a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy if your business wants to get a part of these sales.

E-commerce is highly competitive, and it is incredibly challenging to survive without an SEO agency. Learning and implementing SEO techniques can give you the advantages you need to get noticed online. It converts more prospects into loyal customers, resulting in increased sales. However, SEO remains an ever-evolving aspect of your business, so best practices change over time; this makes it difficult for you to do everything you can to increase sales without an SEO agency.

If this makes you feel overwhelmed, you do not have to worry, as ZealousWeb’s SEO packages use time-honored techniques you can implement, and we will let you know how SEO drives your traffic and increases revenue.

More Traffic Through SEO

More traffic on your website sometimes translates into revenues. However, website traffic remains essential when talking about increased revenue. It is only applicable if the traffic is taking revenue-generating actions.

Nowadays, you can only sell your product if it is online. Also, if someone is reading the blog on your website, revenue is not generated by simply clicking on it or affiliate advertisements.

The primary reason for having SEO for your business is that it will make your site more visible in the organic search results. It means that if you invest in SEO, you get a good amount of traffic across the internet. Most traffic around the web entered the websites by clicking on them in the organic search results. Moreover, if your website ranks on the first page, then you are getting the maximum traffic on your web page.

How Does SEO Get More Traffic?

SEO does this by getting out of non-recognition of search results. SEO packages will get your business on page one when people search for it.

It is said that around 90% of traffic goes to page one and about 60% to the websites in the top three spots.

One of the primary indicators that you are getting an SEO ROI is that organic traffic is increasing. Find out which search terms are being used by people to find your website; Paid tools such as Serpbook and Proranktracker help you search words or keyword phrases that are related to your website. It will help if you look closer and know where you stand or how to improve your organic traffic.

Optimizing the website will need analytical tools and a proven strategy. Converting detailed analytics is why business owners hire an SEO agency; it helps them optimize and improve their ROI.

If your business ranks 1-10 for a search term, it means you are in position 1 to 10, but if it ranks 90 or 100, then chances are your business will never be seen by your potential customers.

As we go through this article, it will become clearer how and why SEO increases the visibility of your business and generates traffic.

Attracting the Right Audience

You might get traffic to your website without paying for each visit like you would pay for a search engine advertisement. However, the quality of this traffic matters and decides if it is beneficial for your business! To get a good rerun on investments, a large number of this traffic needs to be:

  • Your target customers

  • People who engage with your brand by clicking, commenting, sharing, liking, and adding it to their cart.

  • Customers who are ready to take the desired action

  • Frequent buyers

  • Customers who do not take a lot of time to make a buying decision

The above points equal higher revenues and profits when you have an utterly centralizing SEO approach.

How does SEO Attract the Right Audience?

Professional SEO services build web design with the customer in mind. Every image, tool, feature, and content is made to appeal to and draw in traffic. ZealousWeb does it by doing –

  • Competitor analysis: You must know your competition to develop and implement the strategy.

  • Research your existing customers: Use your customer data to know who and how to target people with similar patterns

  • Research on your industry’s customers: Your job is not limited to knowing what to do daily. You need to understand what your customers are searching for related to the area of your business.

  • Networking:Connect with other relevant industries.

  • Website: Build a dynamic and user-friendly website.

  • The right message following the right time: Create content around your customer’s journey to reach them at the different stages of the buying decision.

  • Technology:SEO is not a one-time thing. Adapting to new trends and technologies maintain your business’s constant visibility.

Search engines prefer to show websites that are updated frequently. If your site is dormant or out-of-date, it will be hidden regarding SEO.

Better User Experience

It leads us to search engines such as Google track, which analyzes how people respond to your site. The search result will offer what they learned about your site’s user experience in the Google Analytics Tool.

You might think that you can use this kind of tool for free, but if you want continuous improvement in user experience, you will have to hire a professional SEO agency. With ZealousWeb’s SEO services, more people will find their way to your business. We streamline everything behind the scenes and on the page to deliver the best user experience. When your user will a good experience, they will :

  • Buy more

  • Come back

  • Share your products

  • Try new things

  • Write positive reviews

The above activities generate more revenues for your business.

How User Experience Impacts the Revenue

User experience is a key to understanding how your customers behave to pursue digital marketing that responds to their wants and needs. If you focus on designing easy-to-use e-commerce experiences, you are almost guaranteed to see an increase in revenue. Nearly every company that decides to invest in user experience can see a significant return on their investment.

It starts with understanding your market and customer through preliminary interviews, user research, and testing; after this process, it is easier to find opportunities to introduce new approaches and strategies. The design of user experience can help you streamline the sitemap and navigation, and it will build trust in your site. Customers will come back again and again if they trust your website.

How SEO Improves User Experience

  • Your website design communicates with your customers and makes them decide if you value their time and money. The intuitive design of your website lets your customer understand the purpose and function of each page.

  • Design and features let your visitors know that you understand them.

  • Helpful and actionable information shows the transparency your customers are looking for

  • Flawless navigation eliminates the frustration of not finding things quickly on the website.

Benefits of Leveraging SEO for Businesses

More Time to Earn Business

You have only a few seconds to make the first impression on your customers, and Investing in SEO makes your customer stay on the website longer. Your audience will evaluate if they are on the right side, if they can find what they are searching for or if you have a good reputation within your industry! If these do not seem right, they are unlikely to stay longer.

There is a direct connection between the length of time and your business’s revenue. You must attract the right audience by providing the best user experience with ZealousWeb’s SEO packages.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your website will measure how many people have visited your website and left without clicking anything. A high bounce rate indicates that they could not find anything useful.

SEO will properly diagnose high bounce rates and identify the areas of improvement you need to work on; this will increase user engagement, improve your site ranking, and generate more revenue for your business.

Google gives less visibility to websites with a higher bounce rate, which will convey that you need to provide a better user experience to your customers. SEO offers a great user experience for higher ranking and allows you to design strategies to deliver the best.

Increases Session Length

The average time your customer spends on a website conveys if your website is relevant to your visitor. Hence, average session duration is instrumental in analyzing patterns and trends in the data.

Conducting well-versed research on the website’s average sessions with analytics helps businesses analyze their website visitors. Website analytics calculates the session by a group of user interactions with a website within a given period; the report helps companies make appropriate decisions, improve average session time, and allocate the budget accordingly.

Increases Touchpoints

It is simple to understand that your customer’s first interaction is when they browse your website. However, there are various touchpoints, from visiting the website to becoming a customer.

Your social media presence, email marketing, or newsletter provide them an opportunity to know you. Based on these touchpoints, they will decide if they want to become your customer. You may get more revenue by increasing the number of touchpoints. The more people see you online, the more often they will continue to be your customer.

Better Ad Performance With SEO

SEO benefits your business with cost-effective advertisements. A well-planned SEO strategy for ads can help you be on the first page of the search results with high-value keywords; this will allow your business to spend less on paid advertisements and reinvest your ad budget in other significant ways. For instance, instead of running five PPC campaigns, you can opt to run two and use your savings to optimize your content marketing strategy.

The online magazine Search Engine Land reports that when the business runs an ad on a page where they are also visible in the organic search, it is nearly 100% more likely to be clicked in a non-branded search. Non-branded means that the searcher was not looking for your business name.


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