When you have your eCommerce business, it is imperative for you to facilitate your customers in the best possible way. It is because today, the competition has drastically increased and it has created a situation for every business wherein; it has become inevitable for them to sustain their existing customers.

Therefore, it is vital that you update your Magento store with the custom extensions that come with an aim to enable you to provide some advanced facilities on your site to your customers. Moreover, the Magento extensions are quite helpful in getting you good conversion rates. It directly or indirectly affects your business in an effective manner.

You can customize your site without any hassle of coding and still make it very appealing to your clients and prompt them to use different advanced facilities.

Let us take a look at few of those custom Magento extensions that will make your website more appealing and facilitating to your customers.

Advanced product video

Advanced product video extension for Magento is very helpful for boosting your conversion rates. It enables you to upload and manage videos for all your products.

When you upload videos for your site products, customers get a clear picture and idea about your products and business. It will make it easier for them to access product videos and decide on their purchases.

Moreover, it is also helpful to you to upload as many videos as you want from the video manager, and then later assign them easily to your products.

Google tag manager integration

Google tag manager allows you to manage your Google Analytic events, Adwords conversions, re-introduce your products to your existing customers and much more.

Google tag manager needs to be integrated into your site through pasting a code snippet to every page of it. This app requires you only to insert your container id configuration, and the rest of it follows itself.

Magento Follow Up Email

Usually, 96% of the visitors that come to your website do not make any purchases. But, they will make purchases at some point of time. In this case, Magento follow up email app helps you in getting your visitors’ email addresses. You can email these targeted visitors with high offers and voucher deals which will attract them to your site and they will tend to make some purchases.

Follow Up Email enables you to generate high targeted emails that will convert your visitors into your loyal customers. With this app, you can create custom templates and sequences of emails that can be triggered by certain events.

Use Magento Affiliate

Affiliate marketing allows you to have great sales because it allows other people to send customers to your site. These people include your current customers, other stores or people who already have a list of subscribers who are interested in your products.

When you get customers through these people, you offer them a percentage of your sale or a voucher in return which they can use for future purchases.

Automatic related products

Automatic related products app increases your online sales by 10% to 30%. Generally, when people visit your website, they always look for the products that suit their requirements. With the help this app, you can show your customers the related products after their purchases. It will give me them an idea about those products that they can buy according to their necessities.

The related products also include the ones that people have viewed more, purchased more, rated more, etc. It will give an added facility to your clients in the form of easy access to the products apart from the category they have purchased.

With the help of automatic related products app, you are not required to add the products separately, and everything is automated on the user’s behavior.

Checkout address suggestion and autocomplete

Shopping cart abandonment happens mainly due to the tendency of people, not wanting to fill so much data on the checkout page.

You can make this process easier for them by offering them autofill options which will allow them to easily choose from data they have previously used while buying from other sites.

Checkout Address Suggestion Autocomplete app makes the checkout process easier by using data from Google places. Moreover, it also helps the visitors in filling out their addresses faster by giving them instant suggestions on their location.

Magento performance speed booster

Every one second of delay in the loading time leads to 7% of the reduction in conversions. Slow loading time will also affect your search engine ranking in a negative way which will affect your future revenue.

When you increase your site speed, it will automatically show an increase in your search traffic and conversions. Therefore, it is critical to invest in increasing your site loading time.

Performance speed booster app speeds up your eCommerce site with the use of full-page cache techniques. Also, it will increase your site load time ten times faster thereby, increasing the user experience.

Gift card for Magento

People have started accepting gift cards because that they can buy gifts of their choice. So, even the websites have accepted this concept of giving gift cards to their loyal clients by using the app of Magento gift card.

The app of gift card allows you to easily set up gift card products on your Magento store for your consumers to make purchases.

Facebook discount extension

The Facebook discount extension prompts your users to share your page on their social media like Facebook which will make other users on their page aware of your business.

The use of the app is a way of giving the customers a bonus in the form of a discount which they can use on your site.

Magento extensions are of great help when you want your customers to enjoy their visit on your site and make purchases later on. Moreover, using the Magento extensions on your eCommerce store will benefit you in every possible manner that we discussed above. There are several other Magento extensions you can use apart from the ones we mentioned in this post.