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Unveiling The Secrets Of WordCamp Asia 2024: A ZealousWeb Perspective

March 21, 2024Posted By: ZealousWeb
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In the heart of Taipei, a digital renaissance unfolded this March. From the 7th to the 9th, WordCamp Asia 2024 transformed the city into a vibrant hub for WordPress innovation. Thousands of passionate individuals, hailing from over 70 countries, converged to celebrate the power of WordPress. Over 2,000 strong, this global congregation wasn’t just impressive in size; it was a testament to the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

ZealousWeb team at WordCamp 2024

Among this dynamic crowd, the ZealousWeb team stood out, their enthusiasm palpable. With over 50 captivating speakers sharing their expertise and a dedicated network of 40+ sponsors fueling the energy, the event pulsed with a collaborative spirit. This wasn’t just an event; it was a springboard for the future, a melting pot where ideas and innovations simmered, ready to reshape the digital landscape. The ZealousWeb team, alongside this dedicated community, was poised to not only contribute but also learn, returning home brimming with inspiration and the latest insights from the world of WordPress.

Deep Dives: Key Sessions Attended By The ZealousWeb Team

After two whirlwind days at WordCamp Asia 2024, the ZealousWeb team returned buzzing with fresh insights and a renewed sense of possibility. Discussions flowed freely as they unpacked their learnings from a diverse range of topics like:

Headless WordPress With Mixed Page State

Our team during their key sessions, learned about Headless WordPress with Mixed Page State, a modern web development approach. It involves decoupling WordPress from its front end and using JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue.js for rendering. This hybrid method combines server-side rendering with client-side rendering for flexible and dynamic web experiences. And do not forget that this lets you build super fast-loading sites with great SEO. The session also covered briefing about:

  • Astro/ Nuxt, and /Svelte (these are the latest trending WordPress frameworks)

At the event, we explored the latest trending WordPress framework, which offers powerful solutions for easily building dynamic and modern web applications. The speakers discussed in detail how it provides developers with efficient tools and flexibility to create highly responsive and feature-rich websites.


During the session, the speaker quizzed event participants, asking, “What are the go-to options when companies do not choose WordPress?” The amusing responses included Adobe Commerce, Drupal, and Custom Solutions, illustrating the diverse landscape of preferred technologies in the digital realm.

The pointers were elaboratively talked about and discussed :

  • Alternatives: Adobe Commerce, Drupal, and Custom solutions are the technologies that are widely preferred as alternatives to WordPress.
  • WordPress Architecture: The speakers eloquently justified the growing significance of WordPress VIP, delving deeply into its architectural intricacies and leaving attendees thoroughly impressed and enlightened.
  • Industry Verticals Covered: The WordPress VIP session got even more interesting when the speakers revealed its wide reach across industries. From media giants like The New York Times to government websites like the White House and even e-commerce stores like Sephora, WordPress VIP is proving to be a powerful solution for a diverse range of businesses.
  • Conversion Time: It is lesser compared to other alternatives. So far, the common replies that were witnessed at the event were from 3 to 4 months.

GraphQL / REST

The session on GraphQL and REST APIs offered valuable tools to streamline content creation and user journeys.

Security Practices

Security best practices were high on the agenda, ensuring that the WordPress Community stayed ahead of the curve.

Most importantly, we happen to explore the relevance of these insights to our current projects, fostering a collaborative spirit and a plan to strategically implement these learnings in the future.

WordCamp 2024: Where Talks Shine And Connections Bloom

Traveling and meeting people face-to-face are perks, but most folks come to WordCamps for the sessions (way cooler than stuffy talks!). WordCamps ditch the corporate vibe for a more casual, friendly atmosphere.

WordCamp wasn’t just about the sessions (although those were awesome, too!). Our team had a blast meeting fellow WordPress enthusiasts. We picked the brains of the Yoast crew (shoutout to Chhaya, Taco, and the whole gang!), chatted with industry titans like Kevin Walker (CEO of Bluehost!), and swapped stories with Jose Ramón, Steve Mosby, Jack Arturo, and Ka Leng Ler (GoDaddy’s content wizard!). We also connected with WordPress champions like Ross Spadaro (WooCommerce), Nils-Fredrik Winther-Kaland, Aaryaman Anerao, K. Adam White, Dean Lockhard, and Matthuas Klute.

The networking wasn’t just for fun! We also explored exciting opportunities as we connected with Svilena Peneva from Netropack and Aditya Remy from Hostinger.

Contribution & Community Engagement

At the recent WordCamp, our team was actively involved in discussions surrounding:

  • Core testing
  • Polyglot
  • Photo
  • Pattern functionalities

Contributing to these sessions allowed us to share our experiences and engage with fellow attendees in a collaborative environment. This exchange of knowledge and best practices was a valuable takeaway for our team.

ZealousWeb Team at Google booth
WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse
WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse
Vishal Bhatt with Matt Mullenweg
WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse
WordCamp Asia 2024 glimpse

Actionable Takeaways From WordCamp Taipei 2024

Embarking on a journey through the development landscape at WordCamp 2024, our team gained profound insights into emerging technologies and industry best practices. From harnessing the potential of headless WordPress frameworks like Astro and Nuxt.js to exploring the latest trends in WordPress development, our discussions were teamed with innovative ideas and practical solutions. Delving into the intricacies of GraphQL and REST APIs, we deciphered their respective strengths and optimal use cases.

From The Development Viewpoint

The team gained valuable insights from several key sessions focused on futuristic development. Here’s a breakdown of actionable takeaways:

Headless with Mixed Page State

Insights: Frameworks like Astro, Nuxt.js, or Svelte for building modern, performant applications with a headless WordPress backend. These frameworks allow for a mix of statically generated content and server-side rendering, providing flexibility and SEO benefits.

Explored: Techniques for managing mixed page states effectively, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Latest Trending WordPress Frameworks

Talked Over: The latest trends in WordPress development frameworks (e.g., Genesis, GeneratePress) to identify those that best suit project requirements and team skillsets.

Evaluated: The benefits of using a framework for faster development, improved code maintainability, and access to pre-built functionalities.

GraphQL / REST

Learned: The strengths and weaknesses of both GraphQL and REST APIs.

Considerations: Utilizing GraphQL to fetch specific data efficiently, especially in complex applications with many data dependencies.

Evaluated: REST APIs are still suitable for simpler projects or integrations with existing systems.

Security Practices

Implementation: The latest security best practices highlighted in the sessions, such as keeping WordPress core, themes, and plugins updated, using strong passwords, and implementing regular backups.

Explored: Additional security measures like two-factor authentication and vulnerability scanning tools.

Google Performance

Analyzed: The team’s current website performance using Google PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse.

Implementation: Strategies for improving website loading speed based on the provided recommendations, such as image optimization, code minification, and leveraging browser caching.

From Business Development Viewpoint

Our team participated in cutting-edge development sessions, gaining valuable insights to enhance our WordPress offerings. This translates to exciting opportunities for your business! Here’s a breakdown of key takeaways that directly impact growth and user experience:

Leveraging WordPress VIP

Explored: Need unmatched security, scalability, and performance for your high-traffic website? Look beyond Adobe Commerce, Drupal, or custom solutions. WordPress VIP, the enterprise-grade hosting platform, outshines them all. Backed by industry leaders, WordPress VIP delivers a secure, lightning-fast experience for millions of users – just like the companies you admire. Embrace the power and trust of WordPress VIP – it’s the smarter choice for your mission-critical websites.

Evaluated: The cost-benefit analysis of using WordPress VIP based on the team’s specific business needs.

By implementing these takeaways, the team can enhance their development practices, improve website performance, and leverage the full potential of WordPress for business growth.

Implementation Plan: A Long-term Strategic Vision

WordCamp Taiwan wasn’t just electrifying; it was a catalyst for action!
With the key insights and exposure, our team will translate those insights and ideas into a dynamic approach that will supercharge both our development and business development efforts, ultimately empowering our clients to thrive in the digital landscape.

Development On Fast Forward

Innovation Injection: Fresh from the minds of WordPress thought leaders, we’re integrating cutting-edge practices and technologies into our development workflow. This translates to faster, more secure, and future-proofed websites for our clients.

Code With Confidence: The knowledge gleaned from the conference is being disseminated throughout our development team. This collaborative knowledge-sharing ensures everyone is on the same page, fostering a culture of continuous learning and exceptional code quality.

Business Development With A Spark

Data-Driven Strategies: Actionable insights gleaned from industry experts are being woven into our client onboarding process. This ensures we tailor solutions that perfectly align with each client’s unique needs and goals.

Client Success Amplified: We will leverage the latest trends and best practices in WordPress marketing to elevate our client service offerings. Think SEO optimization on steroids and conversion rate optimization strategies that drive real results.

Mentorship On Fire: We’re incorporating the latest industry knowledge into our client communication and project management. This translates to a more collaborative and transparent experience, empowering our clients to see the “what” and understand the “why” behind our development decisions.

This strategic approach isn’t just about building websites; it’s about building partnerships with our clients. By staying at the forefront of the WordPress landscape, we can ensure their digital presence not only keeps pace but also surges ahead of the competition.

Long-Term Vision: A WordPress Leader

ZealousWeb aims to become a recognized authority within the WordPress community, actively sharing our expertise through workshops, conferences, and online resources.

WordCamp Taiwan underscored the power of the international WordPress community. ZealousWeb plans to actively participate in future international WordCamps, not just as attendees but as active contributors. We envision fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and showcasing our expertise on a global stage.

This experience has been a springboard for growth, and ZealousWeb is eager to translate these learnings into action. Stay tuned for exciting developments as ZealousWeb strengthens its position within the global WordPress landscape!


WordCamp Taiwan wasn’t just an event; it was a springboard for ZealousWeb’s future. The energy, the ideas, the connections – it all fueled a fire of innovation and a commitment to excellence. We’re eager to translate these learnings into action and empower both our team and our clients.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and that’s the cornerstone of our approach moving forward. By fostering knowledge exchange within our team, forging strong connections in the WordPress community, and building true partnerships with our clients, we’re confident that ZealousWeb will not only navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape but thrive within it.

Stay tuned for exciting developments as we implement these initiatives and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the WordPress ecosystem. The future is bright, and ZealousWeb is ready to light the way!


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