As the taste and preferences of modern-day consumers are evolve, companies are finding newer ways to establish an online presence by building an eCommerce store. And when it comes to the right eCommerce platform, you can find no other solution than Shopify. As a result, Shopify has become one of the most widely accepted eCommerce platforms, making developing, managing, and expanding eCommerce stores easier.

Shopify offers multiple customisation options, themes, and apps to meet the needs of businesses operating in different industries. However, all good comes with challenges, and Shopify is no exception. Sometimes, newbies need help developing their online store at Shopify, which can be discouraging. One excellent way to deal with all these issues is to Hire Shopify Expert.

If you are looking for ways to cope with Shopify issues, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve discussed some common problems a beginner can face when building an online store at Shopify and how Shopify Expert can help resolve them.

1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform allowing individuals to set up an eCommerce store and sell their offerings (products and services). It is technically a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales platform that offers four standard store subscription plans. These standard plans support a branded eCommerce store and a wide array of in-person and online selling tools.

Business management tools offered by this eCommerce platform include product sourcing, sales and inventory tracking, shipping, customer accounts, payment processes, marketing, and reporting. Moreover, a merchant can use hundreds of Shopify apps to expand their Shopify toolkit.

2. Common Shopify Issues Faced by Beginners

The below listed are the most common issues that beginners can face when building a store at Shopify:

Getting Products on the Store

Getting products on an online store is one of the common headaches for first-time Shopify users. One can easily import the items using CSV files and list them for sale on Shopify. However, the entire process can crash in between if any error arises.

You must complete it at mid-transfer to upload one product at a time. It might seem feasible with few products, but uploading thousands or more products can be gruelling. Moreover, you must repeat the same process for adding categories, attributes, and images for each product.

Themes Editor Issues

As a first-time Shopify user, you can also face several Shopify theme editor issues:

  • Page redirecting to an unsupported URL: A redirect code could appear when you install an app on the Shopify store or could already exist in your Shopify theme. It might lead to unexpected redirects to the URLs not connected to the Shopify store.
  • Page failing to load due to the error: Your Shopify site is not loading due to network connection issues or invalid Liquid code in the Shopify themes.
  • HTML error found: A theme code including a syntax error might display an ‘HTML error found.’

Marketing and Selling

It is the most heartbreaking Shopify problem on the list. You are done with building your Shopify store and all other vital responsibilities. Also, you have flawlessly integrated your online store with all other marketing channels only to discover that your sales are staying the same. It can be challenging for merchants to market their online store and convert prospects into customers.

Analytics and Reporting

Regarding Shopify, native Shopify analytics and in-house Shopify reports holding greater significance. As a Shopify merchant, you must check such in-house analytics and reports offered by Shopify. However, Shopify analytics lack actions and insights for the online store to grow flawlessly.

Although higher plans of Shopify include excellent reports on products, sales, customers, and other vital aspects, these are limited to the eCommerce business owners paying for these plans. It leaves Shopify store owners with basic plans having multiple analytics and reporting-related issues.

ERP Integration

E-commerce platforms like Shopify might not always be well-suited to meet all business needs, like updating inventory stocks or managing more advanced business areas. These platforms allow merchants to create SKUs for the products in their offerings and set a fixed price for the available products. However, as the store grows, it becomes necessary for the merchants to use separate software for inventory and operations.

It is when ERP comes into the picture, but none of the systems offers native integration. Since every ERP software offers different features, configurations, and data types stored, not all systems are entirely compatible when integrating with third parties.

As a result, none of the leading ERP systems provides a native Shopify application. With Shopify failing to support third-party integrations, it becomes difficult for merchants to manage their businesses.

Poor Shopify Website Performance

Website performance is all about the site’s speed. Undeniably, it is one of the most crucial factors deciding the success of your online store at Shopify. A site with lightning-fast page load time can provide an extraordinary user experience to the customers. In addition, it directly affects the site’s bounce rate, conversion rate, and sales revenue.

In addition to site speed, SEO ranking is another crucial factor in determining website performance. Sometimes, the Shopify website is bugged; thus, it has downtime, resulting in slow site loading time. Beginners usually find removing the bugs a long and tedious task.

Shopify Security Issues

One of the biggest nightmares of eCommerce business owners is a data breach, resulting in the loss of confidential data, like credit card details or customers’ details. In addition, a data breach can cause several other problems: financial loss, operational downtime, reputational damage, and other legal consequences.

Shopify is certified with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance; however, the rise in cybercrime and threats is no surprise.

3. How Can Shopify Expert Resolve all Your Store-Related Issues?

Certified Shopify Expert know everything about Shopify and, thus, can help Shopify merchants resolve store-building-related issues and grow their eCommerce business. E-commerce store owners can Hire Shopify Expert to access multiple services:

  • Setting up Online Store
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Store Migration
  • Custom Apps and Integrations
  • Custom Theme Development

Here listed points will highlight how Certified Shopify Expert at ZealousWeb can help you fix all issues that a beginner face when developing an online store at Shopify:

Adding Products and Functionality to the Store

Shopify Expert at ZealousWeb have the skills and knowledge to add new products, features, and functionalities to the online store. In addition to adding products without any issues, they can also manage price changes and inventory.

Integrating Third-Party APIs

With the online store’s growth, business owners will need external components to deliver and improve the store’s performance levels. You can Hire Shopify Expert to empower eCommerce stores by enabling third-party API integrations, such as CRM, accounting, marketing tools, ERP, social media, shipping inventory, and payments.


Often, the Shopify online store comes across programming issues like Shopify API or custom apps and visual issues like mobile responsive problems. No matter what issues an online store faces, a professional Shopify expert can diagnose and resolve them quickly

Customising UI/UX of eCommerce store

Developing a clean and intuitive layout is one effective way to elevate an eCommerce store’s credibility and reputation. Shopify offers hundreds of themes for designing the layout of an online store. However, these might not be enough to maintain a structural hierarchy when having a complex catalogue. Therefore, modifying Shopify themes to deliver users a better UX (user experience) is crucial.

Hire Shopify expert who knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end development practical applications. They can help customise the UI/UX of the Shopify online store while maintaining the error-free loading speed of the site.

Improving the Website’s Performance

One key aspect that affects the website’s performance is search engine ranking (SEO). SEO means optimising the site with highly searched keywords and other techniques to improve its search ranking. A website with higher search rankings attracts more traffic to the eCommerce business.

ZealouWeb is acquainted with professional Shopify Expert who can efficiently design and SEO optimise the Shopify website. For example, they can look for highly-searched keywords and add them to the product descriptions, making them highly searchable. In addition, informational blogs with strategically placed keywords can be posted on the site to attract potential customers.

Marketing and Increasing Sales

In this digitalised era, almost everyone uses one or another social media platform, making it the most effective means to market businesses. Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels can help Shopify stores attract audiences, increase sales, solve queries, and more.

Certified Shopify Expert will know how to align social media marketing with different tools, products, and services. In addition, they can help Shopify eCommerce store owners identify apps that can deliver the best user experience and define a Shopify app to tailor personalised user experience. With Shopify Expert’ assistance, marketing effectively through social media channels can increase Shopify stores’ sales revenue.

4. Estimated Cost of Hiring a Shopify Expert

The cost incurred to Hire Shopify Expert can vary due to multiple factors, such as expertise, experience, location, market conditions, etc.

For instance, an experienced Shopify expert can charge higher fees but will also have more-specialized areas of expertise and deliver exceptional quality work at a faster pace. On the other hand, a Shopify expert who is in the process of building a client base might price his services more competitively.

Usually, Shopify Expert charge for their services on an hourly basis. The hourly cost of hiring Shopify Expert in the US starts at $50 per hour and can reach up to $150 per hour. Moreover, the price charged by Shopify Expert at ZealousWeb begins at $20 per hour.

5. Conclusion

This article enlists the most common Shopify issues and how Shopify Expert can resolve them for your convenience and understanding. Usually, technical issues are considered the most tough-to-crack Shopify problems. And Shopify Expert are proficient in identifying the root cause of technical issues and the best remedies to resolve them.

You can contact ZealousWeb if you need help solving your Shopify issues. Hire Shopify Expert at ZealousWeb to access their Shopify eCommerce development expertise that allows rapid development and integration with a sound sense of design, process, and functionality. Moreover, they can customise the Shopify store per your business requirements