ZealousWeb will Be EERICA’s Software Development Sponsor

ZealousWeb Is Elated To Be EERICA’s Software Development Sponsor

June 11, 2021
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ZealousWeb is thrilled to announce its role as the software development sponsor for the Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association (EERICA). This non-profit organization is dedicated to uniting e-Resident entrepreneurs worldwide, advocating for their interests, and facilitating business operations in Estonia. EERICA also fosters a supportive environment for these entrepreneurs, encouraging broader business engagement.

Kandarp Bhatt, CEO of ZealousWeb Technologies, expressed excitement about the sponsorship, highlighting EERICA’s global impact in aiding e-Resident entrepreneurs. This partnership aligns with ZealousWeb’s commitment to initiatives that drive societal progress.

A Shared Passion for Progress: ZealousWeb & EERICA

ZealousWeb & EERICA, Reimagining Digital Solutions

EERICA plays a pivotal role in assisting e-Resident entrepreneurs, especially in navigating Estonia’s legal and regulatory frameworks. The organization represents these entrepreneurs’ concerns to governmental authorities, advocating for effective and entrepreneur-friendly policies.

Keyur Dave, COO of ZealousWeb Technologies, emphasized the company’s eagerness to contribute to meaningful and transformative initiatives. With ZealousWeb’s development team’s ability to swiftly understand and respond to client needs, this partnership with EERICA is set to create significant impacts in the entrepreneurial landscape.

This collaboration reflects ZealousWeb’s dedication to fostering a positive change in society, leveraging its expertise in digital solutions to support innovative and impactful organizations like EERICA.

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