The advent of the internet has brought a paradigm shift in the way businesses used to market their products and services. The more people are using advanced gadgets for consuming the internet, the easier it’s becoming for businesses to reach their target customers to promote their products and services.

Since the digital landscape is evolving so fast, businesses across the world are focusing on building a dominant online presence. And to achieve this goal, they are focusing on strengthening their digital marketing strategy. They are using all types of innovative marketing tactics; one of the most important among which is video marketing. It is, without a doubt, one of the most indispensable and versatile marketing tools that help in capturing the attention of the customers and derives desirable results.

Over the years, several studies have shown that marketing videos are beneficial for both businesses and their customers. According to a 2017 video marketing study, 63% of organizations are using marketing videos because they consider them as a vital marketing tool.

The same study claims that out of that 63 %, 82% of the organizations will be investing more in video marketing. Similarly, 83% of organizations out of that 63% claimed that video marketing improved their ROI. The study came up with this data after surveying both marketing professionals and online consumers. Altogether, researchers surveyed 311 respondents; therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to trust these figures.

So, if you haven’t been investing in video marketing, make sure that you focus on it now.

Here is Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Business

Building Customer Trust

If you carry out video marketing in the right way, it will help you build customer trust in the fastest way possible. Since increasing your credibility is one of the best ways to fuel your growth, you shouldn’t stay behind when it comes to using innovative marketing tactics like video marketing.

If you embed a quality video on your website that offers the kind of information that your visitors are looking for, you will end up winning the trust of your customers.

Improving Traffic

Businesses that invest in video marketing claim that videos have helped them get more traffic to their website. Customers prefer watching videos than reading a post or engaging with a marketing material that involves text when it comes to obtaining information about a product or a service. So if you want to increase your website traffic, make sure that you use quality marketing videos.

Driving Customers to Your Products

Irrespective of whether you are launching a new product or you want to promote your existing products, creating an informative and attractive video for it can help you achieve your goal quickly. And as we have already discussed that customers prefer watching a video over reading a text, you must use them for promoting your products and services and for getting more customers for them.

Reducing Bounce Rate

In today’s time, everyone is too busy, including your customers. They hate to waste their time, which means, if they don’t find anything interesting on your website, they will end up exiting your web-page quickly. Therefore, it’s essential for you to make it valuable for them, and one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate compelling videos.

Since videos play a crucial role in engaging your customers, they eventually end up reducing your bounce rate like anything. There is little doubt that the high-bounce rate affects your SEO efforts, so if you don’t want to impact your online presence negatively, make sure that work towards minimizing your bounce rate by embedding useful videos on your website.

Reaching Mobile Users

Considering that more and more people use their mobile phones to consume the internet, you should try your level best to reach them. One of the best ways to engage with them is to use more videos. Whether you talk about promotional videos or videos that provide instructions to customers in terms of how to use a particular product or how to fix it when they confront any problem with it, visitors watch them extensively.

And once you manage to engage with mobile users, you will observe a significant improvement in your customer base.

Approximately 90% of mobile users watch videos, which certainly highlights how useful they are when it comes to capturing the attention of the users.

Improving Brand Reputation

Having a dominant brand reputation is utterly essential for attracting customers for your products and services. If you fail to maintain that, you will end up losing your customers. You can use tons of marketing tactics for strengthening your brand reputation, but the kind of results that you get from marketing videos is hard to receive from any other way.

Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Ad Campaigns

If you are running an ad campaign, and you have created a compelling landing page for it, you can make it more efficient by adding an informative video. It will take the success of your ad campaign to the next level.

Generating More Leads

If you have a product video on your website, it will surely help you generate more leads. The video in question will be able to explain your product in a better way when compared to the text alone.

When you have a relevant text accompanying your video, you get dramatic results.

Increasing Conversion Rate

Both the home page and landing page videos play a significant role in increasing your conversion rate. If you are planning to run an ad campaign or an email marketing campaign, make sure that you create compelling videos for enhancing their effectiveness and boosting the conversion rate.

So if you want to provide a better experience to your visitors, increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, reduce your bounce rate, increase conversions, and enhance return on investment, make sure that you have a competent team at your office that can create highly compelling videos for your business. However, if you don’t want to take the burden of managing an in-house team, you can get in touch with a reliable digital marketing agency that can create quality marketing videos for you.