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How To Design A Simple Yet Unique & Functional Website?

Post by|Branding & Design26 April,2017
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There is little dispute on the fact that nowadays you will find multiple articles and blogs over the internet giving ideas about how to design effective websites. However, a large number of those articles and blogs fail to address some of the most vital and simple web design principles that you must consider while creating a functional website.

In the last couple of years, the Web Design & Development industry has seen a sea change in the way websites are designed. Yes, designing a website is no longer a difficult task. However, designing a functional website still require a lot of intelligence, knowledge, and experience. When it comes to developing a website from scratch, you shouldn’t only be bothered about its look and feel, but also consider the fact that whether it’s capable of delivering results or not. It means you can’t only judge a website from its appearance, you must also think about its different aspects which help in the growth of your business.

Companies that offer web design services, make sure that they consider all the crucial web design principles so that they can build perfect websites for their clients.

So, let’s take a look at some of those important web design principles that can make your website stand out in the market.

Stay Simple

Never go for complex designs which can create confusion among visitors. It means rather than going for a complex design you should try to attract the attention of your visitors by being simple yet effective. In fact, some of the biggest brands in the world like the idea of having a simple website that can be used by their customers easily. If you have a complex website users won’t feel like visiting it again, because no one wants to ruin their experience by dealing with complexities.

It Has To Be Informative

The basic purpose of having a website it to make people aware of your business, and different products and services you offer to customers, so make sure that your site is informative. Also, all the important information that you want to offer to the customers has to be organized in the proper manner, otherwise they won’t find it interesting. In short, you must give importance to the arrangement of information on your website, otherwise, it won’t be able to serve its purpose.

You must have relevant information on your website about all the products and services that you sell.

Pick Right Colors

The way your website looks talks a lot about your way of doing business, so you should also focus on its appearance. One of the best ways of making your website look amazing it to pick right colors and use them in the right way. You can use colors to distinguish a variety of things on your website, which contributes to its looks as well as enhances its functionality. Always keep in mind that overuse of anything can ruin the look and feel of your website and the same applies to colors. So use them in such as way that works for you.

Use Right Fonts

Sometimes people try to become more creative and use quite uncommon fonts, which make it difficult for users to understand the information offered on your website. You should never use complex looking fonts on your website because it can ruin the users’ experience, which can eventually prove to be disastrous for your business. It’s always good to keep in mind that one of the most important purposes of your website it to attract more people by offering them nice user experience so that they keep on visiting it over and over again.

However, if you fail to provide amazing user experience to visitors, they might not visit it again. So, pick the fonts that are attractive yet easy to understand, rather than going for something that is too complex.

Allow Your Site To Communicate With Users

You should always try to build such a website that communicates with the users in a great way. Once users visit your website they should not feel helpless if they confront a problem. So focus on designing a website that communicates with the users’ in the best way possible. For example, if a customer is filling any particular form on your website and he/she confronts an issue during that time, your website must have the potential to give some sort of hint to the person in question so that he/she can accomplish his or her task. It means if your website is capable of helping the users when they perform a particular task, then it’s well and good, otherwise, if it can’t do so then perhaps users’ won’t visit it again.

Keep The Same Visual Style Throughout Your Website

Sometimes it happens that when users visit a particular web page, they find it stunning, however, when they visit another page on your site they might not like its look and feel. It happens if you change your visual styles, which is hardly considered as an interesting technique in web design. Since it can play a great role in changing the user experience, it’s better to avoid such techniques if you can’t do justice to them.

It Has To Be Unique

Always try to build a unique website that can give a tough competition to your competitors. If your website fails to have that uniqueness, you won’t be able to hold the attention of the users for a long time. It has to provide something unique to your visitors which others in the market cannot offer them.

So, if you focus on all the major web design principles you can definitely develop a high performing website.

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