The Magento 2 Extension: Advanced Reporting And Analytics

If you manage an eCommerce business that only partially dominates its market, you’ll constantly search for fresh approaches to boost traffic and sales from your WordPress website. However, you will require more traffic before your eCommerce site can generate more sales. There are already established marketing channels you may use to sell to current consumers, like enticing customized offers and targeted email campaigns. However, they have a limited capacity for growth.

Reaching new audiences frequently is the key to progressing, with a focus on identifying the people who will benefit from your product and working out how to market to them. There are numerous steps you can do that could assist you in achieving your objectives, but this concept is much easier said than done.

Here are some details: According to research, 41.3% of internet users have made purchases online. It has been seen to be increasing steadily; by 2018, it will have increased to 47.3%. In 2015, e-commerce sales totaled USD 1,672 billion; in 2018, they are predicted to reach USD 2,995 billion.

What does this imply for eCommerce businesses? These figures demonstrate that profits will increase with time, and it is up to owners of e-commerce businesses to leverage this development.

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting and Analytics extension will help you get better and data-driven insights which will help increase sales, buyer persona, and repeat purchases if you’re looking for ways to improve your e-commerce revenues.

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics will help you with the following:

  • To use urgency to boost the frequency of purchases.
  • There are several approaches to boosting the number of first-time purchasers.
  • It is best to use a coupon when you shouldn’t since it could make a product appear poorer.

Boosting Return On Business

Did you realize that 80% of sales come from 20% of the client base? You must re-engage and keep your most active customers to improve business outcomes.

Fun Fact: Buyers are 53% more likely to make a third purchase after making a second one. A third purchase increases the likelihood of making a fourth buy by 64%.

  • Customers might prefer having few options because researching brands and comparing them takes time. The subscription model
    lessens this weariness. Time is saved for them.
  • Customers benefit from a break since they know their subscriptions will be fulfilled automatically. They understand that
    they will indeed receive the quantity they require.
  • Customers are delighted and more likely to subscribe when they know they will receive the same high-quality goods at a
    lower cost.
  • Customers can control their funds as well using Advanced Reporting & Analytics Management. They can predict their future
    spending, which is excellent and outstanding.

If you are looking to boost the revenue of your e-Commerce business, Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics will cater to your need to expand and grow your business widely. Specifically, the Magento 2 Business Intelligence-powered cloud service Advanced Reporting:

  • Provides a variety of valuable reports based on the information you have about your orders, clients, and products.
  • Users of Magento will get a highly personalized dashboard with a straightforward and user-friendly design tailored to
    their requirements.

The most crucial aspect of Advanced Reporting is that it is available to both Open source and Magento Commerce users. Although data analysis in Advanced Reporting is done using Magento Business Intelligence (MBI), which can be used without a Commerce Reporting account.

Features Of Extensions: How Data-Driven Insights Can Be Helped

With highly customized reports, the Magento 2 Advanced Reporting & Analytics extension enables online retailers to better track, handle, and manage their business. Regularly gathered statistical information about clients, orders, sales, and products is swiftly sorted out, which is very helpful for business and marketing decision-making for store owners.

Now, let’s dive into the key features Of Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics.

Informative Presentation

Your store’s data is presented in reader-friendly line graphs with a pleasant interface to improve management and comprehension

Analysis Of Rates And Change Reports

The plugin not only generates drawn charts but also offers comparisons between different time frames. The graphs and results will both be shown right away.

Better Advanced Reports

The default report with Magento 2 is enhanced with the Better Reports module with a more thorough study of Revenue, Tax, Shipping, and Quantity.

High Compatibility

Our other extensions, such as the Affiliate module, Gift card, and Reward Points Program, are all made to work with Magento 2 Better Reports. If you have them installed and activated, their output will also appear in Better Reports, making it much quicker and simpler to compile all the required data.

Mobile-Friendly Report Dashboard

Mobile device compatibility is built into Magento 2 Advanced Reporting and Analytics.

Resize Report Dashboards By Dragging

The admin dashboard’s layout is easily customizable by resizing or dragging each report.

Dashboard Panel

Start your journey with Advanced Reports with a thorough dashboard panel that includes a list of the available reports and an overview of the most important sales metrics, such as the average order value over the previous 30 days.

Sharing Reports Via Email

Our most recent improvement enables the sharing of reports via scheduled emails. Choose whatever reports you want, provide your email address, and decide how frequently you want updates.

User-Friendly Interface

You can now switch between reports with a single click because all of them are listed in a menu to your left rather than having to hunt for them in a drop-down list.

All these features will help you configure the Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics extension for better results and outcomes.

5 Types Of Reports That Can Be Generated

Sales Report

There are seven different options for sale reports in the more recent edition of the reporting platform. Orders, Tax, Invoiced, Shipping, Refunds, Coupons, and PayPal Settlement Reports are available in Magento 2.

Marketing Report

You may get a lot of information about your online store’s shopping carts from Magento 2’s marketing reports. Product in Cards, Search Terms, Abandoned Carts, and Newsletter Problems are all included in the marketing reports.

Review Reports

Reviews of products are detailed in review reports. The client and product are used to order these reviews.

Customer Reports

Magento 2’s Customer Reports will give you a thorough analysis of your clients. Additionally, a thorough understanding will enable you to boost sales.

Product Report

Product Reports in Magento 2 include the following five reports: Ordered, Bestsellers, Low Stock, and Views.

These reports will help determine which report is correct for your business according to your niche and expertise. Now, look at ZealousWeb’s Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics and what they have to say!

Dashboards For Data-Driven Decisions That Accumulate Revenue

Sales Dashboard

  • Reduce The Amount Of Labour Using Paper And Memory.
  • Periodically Monitor Business Development Statistics.
  • Support The Magento Default Limitations.

Customer Dashboard

  • Subsequent Order Probability
  • Time Between Orders
  • Orders By Existing Customers And New Customers

Product Dashboard

  • Revenue By Payment Method Options
  • Order Details by Coupon Code
  • Average Order Value (AOV) by New vs. Existing Customers

How To Turn Your Magento 2 Data Into New Revenue Opportunities


Here are some strategies you may use to encourage clients to make repeat purchases now that you’ve determined your purchase frequency (sales).


Email is still one of the finest ways to encourage repeat business. If you know how frequently your customers make purchases, you may segment and target them specifically based on their buying patterns and send them emails when it’s time to reorder their goods or services.

Demand And Urgency

Urgency is a different strategy you might apply to your email marketing. Have a one-day sale or a limited supply of a product? Tell your clients to “purchase immediately,” or else they’ll miss the deal. It might also be characterized as Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).



Showing appreciation for them by offering an incentive—typically a coupon with a unique discount code—is a simple method to win back clients.

Now, you want to avoid appearing desperate by giving everyone a universal 50% coupon. One buyer could only need a 10% or 20% coupon, while another would need a 50% discount or even no coupon. AI-enabled technology can recognize these details and make intelligent recommendations about the clients who require coupons and the products they might buy with them.

You may target clients with an overlay on your Magento 2 store (desktop or mobile) through email, SMS, or social media ads using the data you currently have.

Segmentation And Relevancy

You can segment your customer list based on their purchased goods if you still need to set up something. Discover complementary products for these customers, then send them a customized email with the ideal discount and cross-sell items.

It will encourage a second purchase and demonstrate to clients that you send personalized emails rather than mass emails.


Do you have a list of clients who have made purchases yet to be recent? You could send a reminder email. Regaining your clients’ trust is the aim of a re-engagement campaign.

Usually, they are sent in groups. Before sending your re-engagement emails, do your homework.

Perhaps they accepted what you had to offer and left? Share something with them or offer advice based on previous purchases. Your chances of closing another deal increase with the personalization of the communication.



Companies can raise AOV by offering customers the chance to upgrade to a better-quality product, service, or experience. Upselling is a strong suit for airlines. They will explain how you can pay a little bit more for a better seat if you try to purchase a ticket. What additional services or goods may your company offer customers, such as next-day deliveries or warranties?

Cross- Sell Complimentary Product

Making it easier for customers to view and purchase complementary products will enhance AOV. When looking for specific items, a customer may seek multiple products. When looking for certain things, a customer may seek various products. Making it easier for customers to view and purchase complementary products will enhance AOV.

You might cross-sell items from the same category, for instance. So, if a consumer places a pair of shoes in their cart, you may provide them with socks, laces, and shoe polish. If they decide on a black pair, show them a couple of white shoes first. To persuade clients to buy a good or service they hadn’t previously considered, you can even construct a carousel of things that other customers have browsed or purchased.

Styling an outfit is another strategy, particularly for clothing and accessories. By making it simple for customers to purchase the complete set of items to wear, showcasing the entire collection may help raise the average order value.


The most effective kind of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. When you ask friends for advice on movies, a restaurant, or an electrician, their suggestions have more weight because you ask a reliable source who is prepared to offer their knowledge.

Why do you think so many websites use reviews? The customer has the knowledge to sift through the evaluations and discover the best product for them, sometimes even a more expensive one that generates more revenue, in addition to helping them find a great product. It can prevent them from having to make a return. Just remember to invite customers to review their products in a post-purchase email.

All the above decisions will help you drive towards getting data on your customers, product, and sales. Magento 2 Advanced Reporting And Analytics features will help empower your business with data-driven insights with various sales, customer, and product reports.


While data may not miraculously fix every issue, the correct management can significantly increase your company’s success rates. Additionally, it can reduce the stress associated with making decisions and give the decision-maker a firm foundation upon which to stand.

You can also better understand your audience and the market by using your marketing tools, such as Magento 2 Advanced Reporting & Analytics, and conducting customer research. You might get new ideas from this that you would never have otherwise had.

Making decisions based on data can help you expand your company while enhancing the culture and work environment.

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