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How Advanced Sales Reports Facilitate Decision Making

Running an eCommerce business presents itself with unique challenges. It can be particularly daunting to convince customers, pushing them to finalize purchases. As the competition in the eCommerce market intensifies, it can take an e-retailer to go the extra mile to deliver personalized solutions.

The popular eCommerce platform, Magento uses an analytics system that combines advanced sales reporting with business intelligence to deliver data-driven business solutions. Let us look at Magento 2 Business Intelligence tools – advanced reporting and analytics.

Default Magento Reports

Sales Reports

By default, Magento offers a limited number of reports, including orders, tax, invoice, shipping, refunds, coupons, and PayPal settlement reports. It allows you to filter messages by time interval, date, and status. In Magento’s newer version, Magento 2, there are seven different selections of sale reports – Orders, Tax, Invoiced, Shipping, Refunds, Coupons, and PayPal Settlement.

Marketing Reports

The new and updated Magento 2 offers a variety of marketing reports providing you with information about your shopping carts from your online store. You can avail yourself insights about Products in cart, search terms, abandoned carts, newsletter problem, and more through the marketing reports offered by Magento 2.

Reviews Reports

Magento 2 offers review reports that contain information about product reviews made by customers. These review reports contain detailed explanations helping eCommerce companies gain insights about the success of their products and services.

Customer Reports

Customer Reports in Magento 2 offer a comprehensive review of your customers to improve your understanding, ultimately increasing your conversion rates. These reports include the entire order report displaying the total number of orders and the average number of orders per customer, order count report including the number of orders per customer; new accounts report showcasing the number of new customers accounts acquired during a specified period.

Products Reports

There are five components of product reports offered by Magento 2; namely, report views, orders, bestsellers, low stock, and downloads. These product reports showcase the number of products tagged, the bestsellers and low supplies of products, and more.

What We Have Enhanced

As mentioned above, the new and advanced Magento 2 features additional customers and produces reports and sales reports. The users can access different dashboards for each type with over 25+ built-in reports, along with the ability to create new custom reports.

Moreover, admin users can filter results based on various fields and time ranges. Users can access these reports in tabular and graphical form. You can schedule email notifications offering custom-created reports.

Features Of Advanced Reports

General Features

  • Track all your sales, customer, and product data
  • Informative sales, customer and product dashboards
  • 25+ ready to use reports
  • You can create custom rule-based reports
  • You can schedule email notifications for any report
  • Support analysis for multiple websites
  • Sales comparison for different date ranges
  • Display data based on a specific period (Day, Month, Year)
  • Compatible with Customer Specific Discount For Magento 2

Technical Features

  1. Configuration
    • The ability to enable/disable the report section in the admin area
    • Ability to set notifications based on email sender and address
    • Enabling multiple email addresses as a receiver of the notification email
    • Design and choose email customized email templates for the notification email
    • Select attributes to access attribute related reports
    • Define order status for revenue calculation.
  2. There are Three Informative Built-in Dashboards
    • Sales Dashboard
      • Lifetime overview displays all the data from the beginning of the term,
      • Timespan overview display data between selected period,
      • Today’s report shows the data for the present day.
      • Sales dashboard includes revenue overview, revenue by country, sales, and coupons based on the customer and the order.
      • It also presents the revenue by discount and non-discounted items graphically.
    • Customer Dashboard
      • Access customer statistics of lifetime overview, Timespan overview, and Today’s report.
      • Displays the top five highest revenue generators in graphical format.
      • Find graphical representation of customers vs. orders, promotion period, and several-hour purchases.
      • Compiled data for totally new and returning, total visitor vs. order chart within the selected range.
      • Additionally, customers can analyze the number based on products, category, and gender.
    • Product Dashboard
      • Along with the product statistics of lifetime overview, Timespan overview, and Today’s report, customers can analyze product sales quantity with and without discount.
      • Access revenue based on categories and identify products added to abandoned carts.
      • Identify low-selling products to create customized promotional tasks for them.
      • Reports displayed based on products w.r.t. Revenue, orders, and refunds along with the top ten best selling products by quantity and revenue.
  3. Reports:
    • Displays data from the last 30 days with the option to choose a custom range from the start to end storage date.
    • Customers can choose predefined ranges from the ‘date range picker’ section.
    • You can opt for multi-website admin and filter result data in tabular view based on the available columns for each report.
    • Reports can be generated displaying the revenue/price based on the selected website’s currencies in graphical and tabular format for the selected range.
  4. Custom Reports:
    • You can create custom reports based on serialized Magento conditions.
    • Access list of saved custom reports and utilize mass action to delete/ update status for selected accounts.
    • Customers can filter reports based on name and status to export the CSV and XML format information.
  5. Email Notification:
    • Create unlimited email notifications for any reports, along with a list of all notifications based on the sorting and filtering options.
    • Ability to enable/disable the notification.
    • Specify one report per email notification.
    • Customers can create notifications for custom-created reports.
    • Define time interval, specific website, or all websites for email notification.
    • Define multiple recipients for each notification by setting the frequency using cron syntax or defined timing.

Installation And Configuration

The steps to install & configure Magento 2 extension include:

  1. Download the extension Zip File to your desktop.
  2. Extract the Plugin folder after downloading the zip archive to your desktop.
  3. Upload the plugin folder to the root directory of your Magento with the FTP program.
  4. Run command “bin/magento setup:upgrade” from the Magento root using SSH
  5. Deploy static content using “bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [YOUR_LOCALE].
  6. Activate Plugin by following: Go to the Store > Configuration > ZealousWeb extensions and license key and save the configuration.

You can find your license key from your order with Zealousweb.

Advanced Reporting Configuration

How It Works

  • To use this extension, login to the admin panel and go to Store > Configuration > Zealousweb Extensions > Advanced Reporting. Add your license key and email associated with your order and save the configuration. Enable your extensions to access your reports.
  • You can manage email notification templates, and the receivers template straight from the admin panel. Manage settings for the attributes by accessing attribute-related reports. You can access revenue-based sales reports by setting order statuses.

Templates Setting

  • Users can access the built-in reports from the Zealousweb menu shown in the screenshot below.

Zealousweb Menu

Advanced Reporting Dashboards

Let’s look at the three types of advanced reporting dashboards and what each of them have to offer:

Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboard displays lifetime sales statistics, today’s sales statistics, and statistics within a selected time. You can access revenue graphs by country, state, and coupon.

Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboard offers Average revenue per customer and average revenue per order. It also displays the revenue graph by discount, price group, and gender.

Revenue Graph

Customer Dashboard

Similar to the sales dashboard, the customer dashboard also displays lifetime, time range, and current-day statistics along with the highest revenue generator customer and other customer-specific revenue graphs. You can see new vs. returning customers and the ratio of visitors vs. orders placed.

The Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard Statistics

Product Dashboard

This dashboard will display the product-related statistics, same as customer and sales dashboard, product revenue, abandoned products and never sell products, etc., reports. We have different reports of product vs. orders, refunds, and revenue. You can also find the bestseller products by quantity and revenue in this dashboard.

Product Dashboard

Product Dashboard Statistics

Other than the three Advanced Reporting dashboards, we offer other reports under each dashboard.

Here are the other reports:

  1. Sales Dashboard
    • Revenue Overview
    • Revenue By Hour
    • Revenue By Day Of Week
    • Revenue By Country
    • Revenue By State
    • Revenue By Payment Type
    • Revenue By coupon
    • Revenue By Cart Price Rules
    • Revenue By Category
    • Revenue By Gender
    • Revenue By Attribute
    • Revenue By Attribute Set
    • Sales Comparison
  2. Customer Dashboard
    • Customer Wise Revenue
    • Revenue By Customer Group
    • Abandoned Carts
    • Customer Wishlist
    • New Vs Returning Customers
    • Conversion Rate(Visitor/Order Placed)
  3. Product Dashboard
    • Product Overview
    • No-Sell Products
    • Low Stock Products
    • Abandoned Products
    • Conversion Funnel
    • Product Revenue With And W/o Discount
  • Users can create custom reports as many times as they need. We can define the product condition as per the Magento serialized conditions.
  • You can see all the custom saved reports from the Admin > Zealousweb > View saved reports.

View Custom Saved Report

  • We can add custom reports based on the serialized conditions.

Adding Custom Report based on condition

Another main benefit is that the admin can schedule the email notifications for each report on a specific frequency. While planning the notifications, you can choose a report, store view (if multiple stores), report interval time, display period (Day, Month, Year), email receiver, and frequency.

  • You can manage all scheduled notifications from Admin > Zealousweb > Email Notifications.

Manage Scheduled Notifications

  • You can access new notifications from the Add new Notification.

Templates Setting

The PreRequisites Of Magento 2 Advanced Reporting

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting requires no additional charge if Magento installation is in place. Let us look at prerequisites that users should be acquainted with to use Advanced Reporting for Magento stores effectively.

  • Run-on a public web service with your own domain valid security (SSL) certificate.
  • Ensure your Magento store has been installed and upgraded without any error.
  • Ensure that the settings for the Base URL during your Magento configuration are correct, meaning, the store vire needs to point to the secure URL. Keep in mind to set Use Secure URLs on the storefront and Use Secure URLs in Admin = Yes.

It can take up to a day for Advanced Reporting to collect and analyze data. It is recommended to set a preferable time of the day for data collection, which can help you avoid system overload during prime time.


Now that you are familiar with what the latest updates and Business Intelligence tools in Magento 2 entail, you can avail yourself of the personalized and data-driven services offered by the eCommerce giant.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics in Magento 2 play a crucial role in determining the success of your business, especially when the digital world is your playground. Tracking, reporting, and graphical analysis during each period of your business development is the most effective way to lead the market.

Leverage the power of data-driven science to succeed in the online and offline world by investing your money in a complete Magento 2 Reports extension today!