Web Development

Since the inception of web world, web development has been and is still growing with the prodigious number of users switching to websites and web apps to sell their businesses online. It help users to reach out to a broader spectrum of customers, construct and perpetuate their brand identity, maintain a better relationship and get valuable business feedback from across the globe. With continuous growth in this practice, we can now furnish web-based solutions for the customers which are more user-friendly, interactive and dynamic. This enables user to present the business employing the user-centric approach to provide them with personalized services.

Mobile Apps

Each business proliferates more if it is fostered by a suitable app right from a small scale start up business to an established enterprise level business, each business makes its presence feel on the worldwide platform through a mobile app. Social networking apps have been a boon to the various industry verticals to help them draw more customers. In an era where, business-on-the-go and at-finger-tips is the new slogan that the world is swiftly swearing by; Start up apps, enterprise levels apps and social networking apps arm the users with its unique abilities to reach out to the target audience at their finger tips.

Digital Marketing

Establishing a business is only half a job done if it is not marketed well into the niche industry through the powerful means of digital communication. Pay per click and search engine optimization are amongst the most powerful ways to bring your business to the notice of niche markets, the sponsored add results are tailored based on the search keywords and catering to the coterie of people who understand your business. Our commendable team of experts perform a list of on-page and off-page optimization techniques to increase the customer-engagement ratio with their online business solution.


ZealousWeb provides meaningful IT consulting services and innovative solutions to help clients use and manage technologies to enable their business as the trusted advisor. We bring together Thorough Analysis, Research insight, Benchmarking data, Strategy and implementation and Problem-solving methodologies, from a business and technology view, to help clients improve performance and reduce risks, to help clients lead in the markets where they compete and to improve the return on investment.